Monday, October 6, 2014

Overnight investigation 10/04/2014

Well we conducted our overnight investigation Saturday night 10/04/2014   My self (Tom)  ,Rodney Adams and Keith along with Tim Piece and his son Lance of the Indiana Bigfoot Rangers.
That afternoon besides being cold, camp was built and the fire going we sat around the fire and awaited dark at around 10:00 pm Charlie Raymond of the KBRO and Travis Knuckles arrived as we set around the fire and discussed recent investigations we heard something moving in the woods at which time we brought out the parabolic dish and began listening.
At this time I (Tom) began to do some short quick whistles and slow we began to receive some return whistles I did this several times and after around 20 minutes we got one wood knock and as quick as it started it ended and for the rest of the night was quiet.
We did enjoy some good homemade chili cook over the fire thanks to Keith, even though we didn't get much activity we all had a good time and  fellow researchers worked together.
And now we are planning our next overnight with new team members