Monday, October 6, 2014

New Reports Henry County KY Two Sightings in one week!

On Sunday evening/28/2014 I received a call from a gentleman who stated that while driving early that Sunday morning on highway 146 in Henry county (The exacted location confidential) notice something walking parallel to the creek next to the road he stated that it appeared to me a man walking but very huge as he passed he stated that it  had hair that covered its entire body reddish brown in color. at this point I asked about what time in the morning and the gentleman stated that he wasn't sure but it was light enough to see pass the creek and into the field.
The gentle man could not give any further info after passing the thing as he put it he kept going and after thinking about it all day Sunday he needed to let some know.

On October 10/02/2014 we received a report from a couple who stated that they had seen something large cross the road and it appeared on be moving on two legs not more than a half mile from the earlier report the next day after getting the exacted location I cast this.