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Bigfoot in Kentucky? Maybe, Maybe Not, But There’s a Blog About It [VIDEO]

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Bigfoot in Kentucky? Maybe, Maybe Not, But There’s a Blog About It [VIDEO]

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Now, Kentucky does have its share of creatures of folklore. The Sheepsquatch anyone? What about the Pope Lick Monster? Yes, they belong to the Bluegrass State.
But Bigfoot? Well, Bigfoot’s for everyone.
So, move over Sheepsquatch and Pope Lick Monster, because if Bigfoot’s for everyone, then that means he’s bound to have been spotted in Kentucky.
Or at least it means there is possible…POSSIBLE…proof that he may have wandered the hills of Kentucky.
There’s enough proof for a couple of guys named Tom and Rodney who have an entire YouTube Channel devoted to the Big Guy’s possible treks through Henry, Carroll, and Trimble Counties.
And they have a blog, too, called Bigfoot: The Beast of Kentucky.
Again, Bigfoot belongs to the whole country and that blog title DOES make it sound like he’s unique to Kentucky. And we know he isn’t.
But, anyway, there it is. Proof not necessarily (in my opinion, anyway) that Bigfoot has actually been walking through the Bluegrass, but proof that belief in him will never, ever go away.
And that’s great.
He’s classic American folklore. Maybe he tops the list…or at the very least gives Paul Bunyan a run for his money.
Here’s one of the videos from Squatching with Tom and Rodney (love that title):


The Search For Bigfoot In KY Takes Logical Turn - LEX18

Mystery Monday: The Search For Bigfoot

When it comes to the legend of Sasquatch, an EKU English teacher doesn't know what to believe.
However, Mason Smith does think it's fascinating to consider the question "What if?"
"We live in a complex universe that has things that haven't been discovered," says Smith.
Smith's interest peaked a couple of years ago when the cast of Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" came to Renfro Valley and asked participants if they had ever seen or heard Bigfoot.
"Out of 50 people, 25 of those had eyewitness testimony that they'd seen something bi-pedal, hairy out in the woods. Now I think that's interesting," says Smith.
Smith did not raise his hand in that meeting. He's got no Bigfoot stories to speak of. But he is fascinated with the idea of the creature.
Smith has written a novel about it. He has a play he hopes to get picked up and wrote a children's story about a little girl who sets out on a hunt for Sasquatch and has some strange experiences in the woods.
Dozens of sightings in the Bluegrass and hundreds across the country have at least one scholar intrigued.
"If the guys on Finding Bigfoot never find Bigfoot, I'm OK with that. I like watching them. They're a lot of fun. But they're in the woods, seeing some creepy things. I don't know what those things are and maybe somewhere in all of that mix, a discovery would be made. That would be the coolest thing," says Smith.

A Texan is On A Mission To Kill Bigfoot - KTRE

This was just posted on my time line The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization plans on Killing of a so called "nuisance Bigfoot" Read and post your comments and concerns on this horrible act. share this with others
Bigfoot Hunting & Research
On the WHAS AM Radio Station:...
 Jim Lansdale and Bobby Hamilton of the the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO) discussed their work researching and hunting Bigfoot. They opined that the creature is a real flesh and blood animal, which may have the intelligence of a human child. Lansdale said he's found structures in the woods-- 6 or 7 ft. tall teepees built from tree branches and limbs that he suspects were made by Bigfoot. Hamilton described his first sighting of Bigfoot which occurred in an East Texas farmhouse in 1969 when he heard a scratching on a window screen. "And when I looked up, this devilish, apish-looking face was looking at me, and was motioning at me with his hand, and showing his teeth." He later learned that his brothers had similar encounters.

The GCBRO hopes to kill what they call a "nuisance Bigfoot"-- a creature known for eating and attacking farm animals and pets, as a way to show the world that Bigfoot does indeed exist. Their efforts will be followed in the new TV series Killing Bigfoot (trailer). Such "nuisance" Bigfoot are an ongoing problem in wooded and swampy areas in Texas and Louisiana, they reported. While the ideal situation would be for them to find a Bigfoot that was already dead, Lansdale said it's not practical to try and tranquilize one of the creatures, because after it was shot, it could run miles away before the drug immobilized it. He estimated that the Bigfoot population in North America is around 30,000.

The new show Killing Bigfoot is set to air on the Destination America channel this Friday, October 24 at 9/8C. The show was originally supposed to air on October 17 but got pushed forward for reasons unbeknownst to us. 
In this news report they talk with one of the stars of Killing Bigfoot, Bobby Hamilton. Bobby has had several encounters throughout his life and now wants to bring proof to the public by harvesting an adult male Sasquatch. He does not want his team to kill a female or a juvenile Sasquatch.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sighting on us 42 .10/13/2014 at around 9:00 pm

At 9:17pm .0n 10/13/2014  I received a call on my cell from a personnel friend of mine. After answering he was in a total state of panic and confusion I could here is wife in the back ground saying tell him, tell him? and he wasn't making much sense I told him to clam down and explain and he stated We just saw a Bigfoot cross the road. and I asked Really where? he begin telling the location and what had just happen at that time I asked where are you at right now? and he stated that they had pulled off at the Marathon station at Sligo KY . I explain to him I was in Pendleton KY and to wait there in Sligo until I arrived and which time he agreed. After arriving and meeting with them both were pretty shaken up and I asked them to take me to the exact location of the sighting and they agreed and when we pulled up I was amazed to fine that this location has had four confirm sightings in the last six months which is only a half mile from Rodney Adams home and the place were Rodney's wife had see one along the side of the road.
At this time I asked the couple to walk me thru to what they witness on the road and this is what they described
We were coming back from Madison Indiana and as we entered the curve this thing darts across the road  and I immediately slow down and my wife started screaming do you see it when I looked over I saw it  moving away from the road .
I asked the couple to describe what they saw .
The couple stated It appeared to be large and have hair and as for the size around seven foot or maybe taller it was huge. That's when we called you!
The couple wanted to leave due to it was getting late and the possibilities of sever storms that night that they would be available  if I need any information.
I stayed checking for possible evidence until it started to rain and headed home around 12:30 am
The next day I spoke with the couple again and after they had time to clam down this is what they relayed to me.
After spending time in Madison Indiana they began there trip home and traveling on U.S. 42 in Trimble county KY a large hairy biped animal crossed the road the driver of the vehicle slowed to see what had crossed and to there amazement it had stopped and stood around fifthteen feet from the side of the road as if frozen until the passage started screaming and it ran off disappearing into the dark.
The description of the creature was that of around seven foot or more what appeared to have brownish hair slumped over and broad in the shoulders. And very agile .
Follow up on report
The couple have contacted me several times after there incident still trying to comprehend what they had witness.
The couple wish to stay anonymous But just a little information about the couple before the incident they did not believe in Bigfoot of U.FO.s or anything supernatural these are things that were not allowed to be discussed in there home. And being personal friends with this couple in the past they had scoffed and laughed at me and my research. and I see no reason for them to hoax or lie about what happen they are still trying to come to terms to what they saw. And with the number of reported sightings in this area that we have received I believe they did see something.
I also returned the next day to the area to find any evidence but with the heavy rains early that morning produced nothing.
Myself and Rodney will be monitoring this area of U.S. 42 closely  

Monday, October 13, 2014

Does the FBI have files on Bigfoot?


Does the FBI have files on Bigfoot? You bet!

Obtained From The FBI Freedom of Information Files - Bigfoot
File Size: 754 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

Bigfoot and the FBI

by Christopher L. Murphy In July 1975, The Washington Star-News carried an article
in this regard of which the following is an excerpt:


Though conceding that his existence is "hotly disputed," the Army Corps of Engineers has officially recognized Sasquatch, the elusive and supposed legendary creature of the Pacific Northwest mountains. Also known as Big Foot, Sasquatch is described in the just-published "Washington Environmental Atlas" as standing as tall as 12 feet and weighing as much as half a ton, covered with long hair except for face and hands, and having "a distinctive human-like form." The atlas, which cost $200,000 to put out, offers a map pin pointing all known reports of Sasquatch sightings, and notes that a sample of reputed Sasquatch hair was analyzed by the FBI and found to belong to no known animal.

The last piece of information, that concerning analysis of hair, prompted considerable interest in Bigfoot research organizations and with individuals interested in the Bigfoot field. The issue was investigated by Peter Byrne of the Bigfoot Research Project in Mount Hood, Oregon. Byrne wrote to the FBI stating: "Will you kindly, to set the record straight, once and for all, inform us if the FBI has examined hair which might be that of a Bigfoot; when this took place, if it did take place; what the results of the analysis were."

The FBI replied to Byrne's request as follows: "Since the publication of the "Washington Environmental Atlas" in 1975, which referred to such examinations, we have received several inquiries similar to yours. However, we have been unable to locate any references to such examinations in our files."

The FBI did, however, follow-up with a Dr. Steve Rice, who was editor of the Army Atlas. In an official report, the FBI states: "After checking, Dr. Rice was unable to locate his source of the reported FBI hair examination."

While this whole affair virtually led nowhere, it did enable Peter Byrne to get the FBI to do an analysis on 15 alleged Sasquatch hairs attached to a minute piece of skin that Byrne had acquired. The result of the FBI examination was that the hairs were, "of deer family origins."
The foregoing information on the Army Atlas and other information relative to the FBI was obtained by Jody Cook under the Freedom of Information-Privacy Act. Jody wrote to the FBI and requested all information relative to Bigfoot. He received documentation that primarily deals with the Army Atlas and subsequent analysis of the hairs submitted by Peter Byrne as we have previously discussed. There was nothing else of any significance in the file. However, it appears there is always a little "mystery" whenever the FBI is involved in anything. Attached to the file sent to Jody Cook was a standard pre-printed "Dear Requester" form. Curiously, a box on this form which states, "See additional information which follows" is checked. At the bottom of the form the following information was manually typed-in:

"Enclosed are previously processed documents which relate to "Big Foot." The enclosed are the best copies available. Serial 4 is missing from file 95-213013, the file where your release originates. Our effort to locate that document was not successful. It is possible that the number 4 was missed during the original serialization of the file."

We are left to wonder what was in Serial 4. Certainly the FBI would be a little more efficient in their filing procedures to omit this section. We have, however, learned that analysis of hair samples as indicated in The Washington Star-News article definitely took place.

Also, that the samples could not be identified. George Clappison did extensive research on this incident and was referred by the FBI to the ex-head of their Hair and Fiber Unit. This person, who now runs his own private laboratory out of his home, was in charge at the time the hair samples were submitted to the FBI.

He told Clappison that the analysis was done after hours on employees' own time. He further stated that no written reports were prepared on the analysis. In discussing the whole situation with the current head of the FBI Hair and Fiber Unit, Clappison asked if the unit would now consider analyzing other hair samples. The current manager agreed to perform an analysis, however, he informed the unit would not respond in writing on their findings.

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Our youtube channel

 Our new You Tube Channel /
To document Bigfoot reports and encounters and the history of  Bigfoot in Trimble,Carroll and Henry Counties of Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky.Follow us on fac...

On our you tube channel we will be posting the old videos that were deleted thanks and enjoy.

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New Reports Henry County KY Two Sightings in one week!

On Sunday evening/28/2014 I received a call from a gentleman who stated that while driving early that Sunday morning on highway 146 in Henry county (The exacted location confidential) notice something walking parallel to the creek next to the road he stated that it appeared to me a man walking but very huge as he passed he stated that it  had hair that covered its entire body reddish brown in color. at this point I asked about what time in the morning and the gentleman stated that he wasn't sure but it was light enough to see pass the creek and into the field.
The gentle man could not give any further info after passing the thing as he put it he kept going and after thinking about it all day Sunday he needed to let some know.

On October 10/02/2014 we received a report from a couple who stated that they had seen something large cross the road and it appeared on be moving on two legs not more than a half mile from the earlier report the next day after getting the exacted location I cast this.

Overnight investigation 10/04/2014

Well we conducted our overnight investigation Saturday night 10/04/2014   My self (Tom)  ,Rodney Adams and Keith along with Tim Piece and his son Lance of the Indiana Bigfoot Rangers.
That afternoon besides being cold, camp was built and the fire going we sat around the fire and awaited dark at around 10:00 pm Charlie Raymond of the KBRO and Travis Knuckles arrived as we set around the fire and discussed recent investigations we heard something moving in the woods at which time we brought out the parabolic dish and began listening.
At this time I (Tom) began to do some short quick whistles and slow we began to receive some return whistles I did this several times and after around 20 minutes we got one wood knock and as quick as it started it ended and for the rest of the night was quiet.
We did enjoy some good homemade chili cook over the fire thanks to Keith, even though we didn't get much activity we all had a good time and  fellow researchers worked together.
And now we are planning our next overnight with new team members