Saturday, September 6, 2014

Witness Interview 09/05/2014

On Tuesday evening 09/02/2014 I was contacted by a resident of Trimble county KY,that he had some strange occurrences that happen on his property and close to his home and asked if Me and Rodney would come out to his property and check things out and after confirming a date and time with the witness it was agreed that we would meet with him on Friday 05 2014 at 7;30 pm at his home. After arriving and meeting the witness we were asked to set on his front porch at which time he began to tell us of strange odors and strange noises late in the evening and early in the wee morning hours.As we sat there we noticed that the house sat fifty yards from high power lines and his home is nestle in a valley with a creek running down the valley and very wooded and dense.
It was getting along around 9:00 pm and we agreed to do an investigation in the area when all at once a rock was thrown at a metal shed as we stood there we listen and a few minutes late another stone was thrown at the metal shed.At this time Rodney made some whistles and received a response we made a couple of whoops and hearded what we described as rocks being smacked together. I decided to do a howl and right after that we got a response back of two heavy sounding wood knocks.
We waited around for a while for more activity and it seemed to go silent. We have permission to conduct an investigation and do a overnight on the property this forth coming and more details will follow.
The witness was with us when the activity started.