Saturday, September 6, 2014

Habituation site update 08/30/2014

Well after two and a half weeks of a nasty respiratory infection that almost turned into pneumonia I"m back in the field with an update from our habituation site. On 08/30/2014 I  returned to our habituation site since the last time we were in the area was on August 10 2014 on a night investigation with Charlie Raymond and Brent Sipley.

At which time we had no activity.As I was investigating  I noticed that a stuff animal that Rodney Adams had placed in a structure back in April was missing, I began to look for it thinking that it may have fallen out with the storms we had recently but noticed a new structure had been built in the area and as I started to photograph the structure I noticed something atop of a tree that had been struck by lighting and split  and atop of this tree was the green stuff animal.   After slowly  approaching the stuffed toy and checking the ground there was these large prints which was measured and photographed also in the area of the gifting site was this huge pile of scat and the animal skull which Rodney had tossed over into the ravine was placed back up on the trail. The next 4 hours I spent documenting evidence and after one down pour and the humidity becoming unbearable I exited the area but before doing so I placed two cans of beanie weenies and two cans of Vienna sausages in a fork of a tree unopened we will beheading back in for a over night with some new team members and couple of fellow researchers for a over night investigation as soon as the weather becomes more suitable  

New Structure 

first print

second print

this was placed here in April by us
where the toy was moved to

where the toy was moved to