Monday, September 15, 2014

Carroll county KY, report August 07,2014

On September 15 2014, I received a letter in the mail today concerning a sighting in Carroll county KY.
The letter reads as follows ,
Dear Mr. Shay
On 08/07/2014, at about 6;30 PM, I was at ( location is being kept confidential per request of the property owner but is on file.)
There were seven of us all total that evening for a get together, all of us have been friends for over twenty years. About 7:00 pm, I was standing out in the yard looking down over the hill. ( talking one on one with one of my friends)
I had noticed that the grass was freshly mowed, their garden was full of vegetables and a large wooded area all around the property with many ravines.
I saw a black object in between the rows, It flattened itself as "flat as it could to me "to try and hide.
When my eyes saw it, it hopped up sideways in behind a row of grapes. I was the "only" one that saw it.
It was a baby "Bigfoot" and it looked to be 6 to 9 months old.
The size of a "chimp" and it hopped like a chimp "sideways". It knew somehow sensing a possible "danger" from me spotting it.
I did not make any moves towards it.
It was out about 150 feet this could be compared to a child (of our own offspring)about 1 1/2 to 2 years old
Evidently it was "curious" as an inquisitive child would be ( eavesdropping on our conversation, laughter, and we were all eating).
I knew immediately "what it was " and another thing, nobody has a "pet monkey " up here in these parts.
The face was black and I could not make out any facial features and I lost track of it after that.
Thank you for taking my report.

Name and contact information are on file.

Follow up
Myself and Rodney Adams talked with the witness and find her very credible and also knowing the area we have taken seven reports from this very area one just recently were as I was investigating at 11;00 PM after receiving the report. And believe we will focus our investigations in this area.