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Carroll county KY, report August 07,2014

On September 15 2014, I received a letter in the mail today concerning a sighting in Carroll county KY.
The letter reads as follows ,
Dear Mr. Shay
On 08/07/2014, at about 6;30 PM, I was at ( location is being kept confidential per request of the property owner but is on file.)
There were seven of us all total that evening for a get together, all of us have been friends for over twenty years. About 7:00 pm, I was standing out in the yard looking down over the hill. ( talking one on one with one of my friends)
I had noticed that the grass was freshly mowed, their garden was full of vegetables and a large wooded area all around the property with many ravines.
I saw a black object in between the rows, It flattened itself as "flat as it could to me "to try and hide.
When my eyes saw it, it hopped up sideways in behind a row of grapes. I was the "only" one that saw it.
It was a baby "Bigfoot" and it looked to be 6 to 9 months old.
The size of a "chimp" and it hopped like a chimp "sideways". It knew somehow sensing a possible "danger" from me spotting it.
I did not make any moves towards it.
It was out about 150 feet this could be compared to a child (of our own offspring)about 1 1/2 to 2 years old
Evidently it was "curious" as an inquisitive child would be ( eavesdropping on our conversation, laughter, and we were all eating).
I knew immediately "what it was " and another thing, nobody has a "pet monkey " up here in these parts.
The face was black and I could not make out any facial features and I lost track of it after that.
Thank you for taking my report.

Name and contact information are on file.

Follow up
Myself and Rodney Adams talked with the witness and find her very credible and also knowing the area we have taken seven reports from this very area one just recently were as I was investigating at 11;00 PM after receiving the report. And believe we will focus our investigations in this area.

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Originally published June 18, 1962 'The Thing' Eludes Hunt In Trimble"

Originally published June 18, 1962
'The Thing' Eludes Hunt In Trimble
Farmers Report 3 Sheep Killed, Dog Slashed; No Trace Is Found

SEEING IS BELIEVING: Lawrence McDowell, son of Trimble County Farmer Lester McDowell, holds his father’s sheep that was attacked and cut on the head by an unidentified animal believed to have been “the beast.” Three other sheep owned by McDowell were previously found dead from attacks.
Courier Staff Report

"The Thing" is still at large in Trimble County, Ky., but it is believed to have been flushed out of the Kidwell Pike area northwest of Bedford and moved into a section five to six miles southwest of Milton.

According to a report today from Trimble County, the alleged beast has at last resorted to killing livestock.

Trimble County Sheriff Curtis Clem said he didn't know what the next step would be, following a five and a half-hour unsuccessful search for the mysterious animal Saturday night.

The sheriff's party combed the Kidwell Pike area Saturday from about 7:00 p.m. until after 12:30 o'clock yesterday morning.

It is believed their quarry was flushed out of this section of the county as the result of activities of hunters and a sharp increase in automobile traffic at night with accompanying headlight glare.

During the weekend the sheriff was told that a beagle hound owned by Earl Grant, who resides at the foot of Craig Creek Hill, was found dead with its throat ripped and other cuts on its body.

Lester McDowell, a resident of the same neighborhood, reported three of his lambs had been killed since Wednesday. His son Lawrence told a Courier reporter that two of the lambs had ripped throats, heads were crushed and all blood had been drained from their bodies. A fourth had been found injured but was still alive.

One of the animals was found Thursday, another Friday, the third Saturday and the fourth yesterday.

An attack by dogs was discounted due to the manner in which the lambs had been killed.

The lambs incidents occurred at a point about five miles east of where "The Thing" had allegedly been seen last week, which led to belief that it had moved out of its former place of concealment.

McDowell had not reported his first losses earlier because he has no telephone and had no occasion to make a trip to town until Saturday.

A number of farmers contact by The Courier representative were asked opinions as to why the strange animal had for the first time resorted to killing live stock, although it may have been in their area for the past two or three years.

All though the viciousness results from Owen Powell having sicked his dogs on it and it may have been wounded, also that hunting activity and auto headlights may have been a contributing cause.

There is no general agreement that a dangerous animal of some kind is at large in the county

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Originally published June 16, 1962, Trimble County Sheriff To Lead Search For Beast

  September 13, 2014

9/12/2014 3:00:00 PM
Originally published June 16, 1962
Trimble County Sheriff To Lead Search For Beast
Police Dogs, Helicopter, Posse To Be Used In Animal Hunt Today

WALKIE-TALKIES FOR BEAST HUNT — Sheriff Curtis Clem checks portable radio equipment with state trooper John Miller (in police car) in preparation for today’s all-out hunt for “the thing” that has residents of northwest Trimble County scared. The sheriff has asked all persons desiring to join the hunt to register with him since vicious dogs will be used that could seriously injure anyone not in the party. Radio units are being provided by the Madison Radio Service here.
Courier Staff Report

There is some form of animal still loose in the northwest part of Trimble County-be it a gorilla, bear, lion or large dog- no one seems to know for sure, but many are sure something is there that doesn't belong, and they want it eliminated.

With this thought uppermost in mind, Sheriff Curtis Clem is leading an extensive search later Saturday for "the thing," as Trimble County people seem to refer to it.

"We'd like to get it alive if possible, or dead if necessary. But we want to be sure he's removed or run out of this area," the sheriff said today. "These people are scared and they want action," he added.

So a large number of men, equipped with keen eyes and rifles powerful enough to drop almost any kind of beast that could prowl this area, will set out sometime later today to see if the trail of the beast can be found, and if it can be capture or killed.

A helicopter overhead will aid greatly in following the animal at high speed should it be flushed from the dense undergrowth.

A gang of seven highly-trained vicious police dogs will accompany the hunt. They will be brought by a special dog trainer from Louisville, who offered the services of his dogs when he first saw the reports of the beast in his newspaper.

Many people seem skeptical and wonder why it isn't seen more than it is. But others point out that the ground being roamed by the beast is wild territory, and that it could be hiding in deep caves protected by large rocks, or could be nestled in the dense thickets.

Sighting reports continue to be turned in to Sheriff Clem. The latest story comes from Mrs. Derrell Corley, who lives on the Kidwell Pike. She said that sightings of a beast were not a new thing to members of her family. She said that about three years ago some type of an animal would lurk in the weeds and high grass and thump along after her children when they went for the cows. "It made all sort of weird noises," she said.

About this time the Corley family was raising a garden containing melons. "We'd never get a whole melon before that animal or whatever it was, would get to it. It looked like a human hand had scraped the heart out of each melon," she said.

"One time my daughter Mary went to the garden, and looking up saw a black thing that looked like a small monkey or chimpanzee standing in a corn row. As some other children were coming, she looked first to the kids, then back to the spot, and the beast had disappeared," she said. Later that year similar reports came from Patton's Creek, only a few miles from the Corley place.

Most common among the sighting reports of the beast are stories that it looks like a chimpanzee or a gorilla. Some prints in the mud that had been found were taken to a Hanover professor and were termed those of a large dog. But the prints were found near a spot where the beast is believed to have been. The prints could easily be those of a dog, and still not the prints made by the beast.

Up to the present time there were still no further reports of either personal injuries or animals being killed since the early report of the death of a calf. But the sighting reports continue, and as do reports that dogs return to farms with every indication of having been in a vicious fight.

Sheriff Clem hopes the best hunt today brings the good news that the beast is no more, and that Trimble County residents can go back to living a normal, safe life.

Milton KY. Encounter 06/13 /2011

Todays date 09/13/2014
 Date of encounter or sighting 6/13/11

Name: Confidential Name on file.

Contact information  Confidential  on file

 Email Address: Confidential  on file

location of sighting/encounter  Confidential  on file

 What time of day did encounter / sighting take place  around 2 to 3 am, What was the weather conditions warm clear summer night full moon.

Please explain your encounter/sighting with as much detail such as sounds smells and the duration on event. we were camping in my sons yard and had a fire going. Coyotes had been yipping for awhile and everything got really quiet real quick. Suddenly you could hear this scream come up the holler-nothing I have ever heard before. It was a high pitched scream like a person in pain. It got louder as it got closer to us and we kept trying to figure out what it was. Fox? No way too loud, cougar? No not cat like, coyotes had been going all night and never heard one sound like that. I was sitting with my back to the woods, and my boyfriend made me and the kids move to the other side of the fire. We heard something move through the woods, scream again and head on down the holler. As it got on down the holler, the animals from the other end started carrying on again. My dogs shook and wouldn't bark when we felt it was close until it was gone. They wanted to be close to us and was quiet. I would say the whole event took place over a period of 20-30 minutes.

Were there any witness yes there was me, my boyfriend, and 2 kids. I don't know if my oldest son and girlfriend heard it or not. My kids still talk about it. There is no doubt in my mind that we heard a Bigfoot that night. My kids are sure of it too. it's something you just know.

Do I have permission to keep your experience for future reference and possible publication  yes

Would you like me to conduct a investigation? yes

If you answered yes to the previous question, would you like me to keep your name and contact information confidential/anonymous you don't have to. I just don't know if the people who own the property now will let us onto it. I wish I had known that you were at the library because I would have loved to talked to you.

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September 12, 2014

9/12/2014 3:00:00 PM

Bob Bayne said he had an encounter with a young Bigfoot in the area in 1973. Bayne looked over a display at the Carroll County Public Library during a presentation on the mysterious animal. (Staff photos by Ken Ritchie/


Rodney Adams, a co-founder and lead investigator with the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group, holds up a cast of what he says is the animal's footprint taken from a Trimble County farm.

Adams and his partner, Thomas Shay, gave a presentation about Bigfoot at the Carroll County Public Library on Thursday.

The program included a history of the creature in Kentucky, stories of local sightings and discussion of signs that a Bigfoot creature may be nearby.

Adams said that Daniel Boone wrote in his memoirs of killing a creature that matches descriptions of a Bigfoot, which Boone called a "Yahoo."

Adams also said that one of the Appalachian names for the creature is Wood Booger, which he says is where the term boogeyman comes from.

Shay told the crowd that their team begins by trying to debunk reports that come to them. Some people, he said, try to fake evidence of Bigfoot. "We are careful about what we say is real Bigfoot evidence, because our credibility is on the line," he said.

"Fakes are so obvious," Adams said. "If we get any evidence that we think is faked, we throw it out right away."

The pair had several stories of encounters in Trimble, Carroll, Henry and Owen counties.

Adams' daughter, Cierra, described herself as a skeptical investigator. She said she has yet to see a Bigfoot with her own eyes, though she has heard them and has even been pelted with rocks that they she believes were being thrown by a Bigfoot.

"She's still skeptical like I used to be," Rodney Adams said. "But, I'm sure it won't be long before she has a sighting - then she can be sure."

Adams said he has missed several good opportunities to get video or photographic evidence of the creatures, but that he is in the process of getting a helmet camera that he can wear during a search or investigation, so that he can get some good footage of the animal.

To learn more about the group, visit their website at

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Carrollton KY presentation

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Witness Interview 09/05/2014

On Tuesday evening 09/02/2014 I was contacted by a resident of Trimble county KY,that he had some strange occurrences that happen on his property and close to his home and asked if Me and Rodney would come out to his property and check things out and after confirming a date and time with the witness it was agreed that we would meet with him on Friday 05 2014 at 7;30 pm at his home. After arriving and meeting the witness we were asked to set on his front porch at which time he began to tell us of strange odors and strange noises late in the evening and early in the wee morning hours.As we sat there we noticed that the house sat fifty yards from high power lines and his home is nestle in a valley with a creek running down the valley and very wooded and dense.
It was getting along around 9:00 pm and we agreed to do an investigation in the area when all at once a rock was thrown at a metal shed as we stood there we listen and a few minutes late another stone was thrown at the metal shed.At this time Rodney made some whistles and received a response we made a couple of whoops and hearded what we described as rocks being smacked together. I decided to do a howl and right after that we got a response back of two heavy sounding wood knocks.
We waited around for a while for more activity and it seemed to go silent. We have permission to conduct an investigation and do a overnight on the property this forth coming and more details will follow.
The witness was with us when the activity started.    

Habituation site update 08/30/2014

Well after two and a half weeks of a nasty respiratory infection that almost turned into pneumonia I"m back in the field with an update from our habituation site. On 08/30/2014 I  returned to our habituation site since the last time we were in the area was on August 10 2014 on a night investigation with Charlie Raymond and Brent Sipley.

At which time we had no activity.As I was investigating  I noticed that a stuff animal that Rodney Adams had placed in a structure back in April was missing, I began to look for it thinking that it may have fallen out with the storms we had recently but noticed a new structure had been built in the area and as I started to photograph the structure I noticed something atop of a tree that had been struck by lighting and split  and atop of this tree was the green stuff animal.   After slowly  approaching the stuffed toy and checking the ground there was these large prints which was measured and photographed also in the area of the gifting site was this huge pile of scat and the animal skull which Rodney had tossed over into the ravine was placed back up on the trail. The next 4 hours I spent documenting evidence and after one down pour and the humidity becoming unbearable I exited the area but before doing so I placed two cans of beanie weenies and two cans of Vienna sausages in a fork of a tree unopened we will beheading back in for a over night with some new team members and couple of fellow researchers for a over night investigation as soon as the weather becomes more suitable  

New Structure 

first print

second print

this was placed here in April by us
where the toy was moved to

where the toy was moved to