Monday, August 4, 2014

Trimble County Report August 3 2014.

Today's date- August 3 2014
Date of encounter or sighting - August 3 2014
Name - confidential on file.
Contact information - confidential on file.
E- Mail - confidential on file.
Location of sighting or encounter -  Trimble and Carroll county KY  line.
What time of day or night did the encounter occur - 10:20 pm 10:30 pm.
What was the weather conditions - Clear night with The moon phase Waxing Gibbous.
Please explain your encounter/sighting in as much detail.-

  My daughter and I saw something very strange on 42 before the Trimble co. Line around 1020-1030 tonight
  Very tall, hunched back. 25-30 foot from the road. There is a 300 foot open area on the right hand side. It looked as if it was walking on its tip toes. Very very broad shoulders I've never ever seen anything like that before. A tad freaked out.
Taller than me. I'm 6 foot. Hard to tell not much to frame it against.
I lived in Carrollton my whole life, ran the woods near sanders growing up. Heard some weird stuff, never ever seen anything like this.
It had a strange gait.
I will be talking with the witness further of the incident and after receiving this report I headed to the location and sat and listen and panned with night vision and was unable to pick up any thing. Today August 4 2014 I will return to the area and investigate further for evidence after talking with the witness.  
Just finished taking with the witness and he retold me of his sighting except that when he saw our logo the witness stated that the figure looked almost like the figure on our logo.