Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I had a face-to-face encounter a with Bigfoot in the summer of 1992 in Hanover, IN.

Today's Date : August 5 2014

Date of encounter /sighting : Summer of 1992

Name : Confidential Name on file.

Contact Information : Confidential Information on file.

Location of encounter/ sighting : Hanover, Indiana.

Time of  Encounter/Sighting : 12:00 A.M.

had a face-to-face encounter a with Bigfoot in the summer of 1992 in Hanover, IN.

About 5 miles up river from there. Closer to Madison Indiana we were at a place on Campus called "The Point" that looks out over the River.
The creature was BIG but the thing I remember was the width of the shoulders & the arms being long & swaying back & forth. We were elevated on the side of hill and creature was 50 ft away. It looked at us and I could see eyes, outline of face & ears. It was around 12am. Lighting was poor. We heard the creature walking up the hill, I believe it's called Hanover Hill, but I thought the sounds were that of a deer. It stood there looking at us for a few seconds. I stood up and said, "What do u want?" and it turned and walked back down the hill towards the river. We ran and flagged down a Campus Cop, told him our story and he asked us if we were drunk and did little else. This was before Finding Bigfoot & Social Media. No way would someone make a costume and walk up that hill and go back down. I would've scared someone if I were in a suit. That Summer I had worked for HC building a Nature Trail in that area. Saw deer but never looked for Bigfoot. Was it a Bear? Perhaps. If it wasn't then it HAD to be Bigfoot. I didn't go back the next day and look for anything. The color of hair was brown and a weight guesstimation would be 500 lbs but I only saw it from waist up. The encounter bothers me to this day because we were a few seconds away from being a Snack. The encounter changed my life in that I started to believe in Bigfoot. I'm an Administrator for a Home Health Care Company. I lived in Jefferson County, IN from 1990-1994. Love the Area & remember locals talking about Bigfoot/Crazy Things IE Ghosts etc in the surrounding area. I'm not surprised there are so many sightings ...I saw it there too! I've sent multiple reports to B.F.R.O but have heard nothing  Thanks.
Follow up:
Several reports have been documented in the area three this year reported to us here at N.K.B.R.G.

The report was never filed by campus police as well as several other witness's reported strange occurrence's. in the 1980's and 1990's. In the 1950's A creature terrorized the area described as a Bigfoot like creature.