Wednesday, July 30, 2014


N.K.B.R.G  07/30/2014 Indiana Investigation
Today Myself and Rodney Adams was asked by Tim Pierce founder of the Indiana Bigfoot Rangers to investigate a report from one of his members in southern Indiana . After contacting the witness we agreed to meet  at 9:30 am at the witness home. After arriving this morning we meet with the witness and he retold his account as to what has been occurring at his residence over the last couple of weeks .
The witness states that one evening while smoking a  cigarette on his front porch he heard what what sounded like somebody taking a baseball bat and hitting a tree. At this time, the witness states he picked up a piece of wood and smacked one of his trees and a few short minutes later he received a response. He also stated that he continued to hear the wood knocks every evening, and, on the fourth evening, after returning home from work and entering his home something threw a rock at his house hard enough to hear it inside.The witness also states that he went outside to investigate and found the rock that had been thrown it was the size of a mans fist.
Myself and Rodney looked around and to our surprise this gentleman live at the end of a gravel road surrounded by large areas of dense forest soy bean fields and a game reserve which has a ten foot chain link fence at the top of the fence three rows of barb wire the nearest neighbor is a mile away.
Later He and his wife and a friend was watching TV and witness something large cross there living room windows which spooked the three of them.
 Then the witness tells us that several days later he went hiking in the adjacent woods of his property and as he went deeper he came to an area that had strange structures built and at which time something started shaking a small tree violently  He stated he had never been scared out of the woods but he left immediately.
We asked if he seen what was shaking the tree He said no.
At this time the three of us entered the woods and walked a make shift trail deep into the forest and coming to the spot were he had his incident and found a abundance of evidence that we will post in the form of photos.We will talk with Tim Price of the Indiana Bigfoot Rangers that this warrants a further investigation and due to the size of the area will be asking for volunteers to assist us in this investigation now this will be a day and night investigation until we work out the logistics the time and date. and we will  inform the members at that time to contact us.