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N.K.B.R.G  07/30/2014 Indiana Investigation
Today Myself and Rodney Adams was asked by Tim Pierce founder of the Indiana Bigfoot Rangers to investigate a report from one of his members in southern Indiana . After contacting the witness we agreed to meet  at 9:30 am at the witness home. After arriving this morning we meet with the witness and he retold his account as to what has been occurring at his residence over the last couple of weeks .
The witness states that one evening while smoking a  cigarette on his front porch he heard what what sounded like somebody taking a baseball bat and hitting a tree. At this time, the witness states he picked up a piece of wood and smacked one of his trees and a few short minutes later he received a response. He also stated that he continued to hear the wood knocks every evening, and, on the fourth evening, after returning home from work and entering his home something threw a rock at his house hard enough to hear it inside.The witness also states that he went outside to investigate and found the rock that had been thrown it was the size of a mans fist.
Myself and Rodney looked around and to our surprise this gentleman live at the end of a gravel road surrounded by large areas of dense forest soy bean fields and a game reserve which has a ten foot chain link fence at the top of the fence three rows of barb wire the nearest neighbor is a mile away.
Later He and his wife and a friend was watching TV and witness something large cross there living room windows which spooked the three of them.
 Then the witness tells us that several days later he went hiking in the adjacent woods of his property and as he went deeper he came to an area that had strange structures built and at which time something started shaking a small tree violently  He stated he had never been scared out of the woods but he left immediately.
We asked if he seen what was shaking the tree He said no.
At this time the three of us entered the woods and walked a make shift trail deep into the forest and coming to the spot were he had his incident and found a abundance of evidence that we will post in the form of photos.We will talk with Tim Price of the Indiana Bigfoot Rangers that this warrants a further investigation and due to the size of the area will be asking for volunteers to assist us in this investigation now this will be a day and night investigation until we work out the logistics the time and date. and we will  inform the members at that time to contact us.

Andy Baileys sighting 2001

  I just saw the wave 3 post. Have you ever been to Lexington, In? I would never believed if I didn't witness it first hand. It was about 13 years ago I saw something I couldn't explain in the middle of the day. I was looking out the front window the first day we moved out there and saw something dark brown about 8-9' tall walking through the cornfield. My stepfather finally believed me after a few years when he saw something not too far from where I spotted it while he was hunting. Good luck on your hunts. I hope one day there will be good enough evidence so others believe.. I've been a believer ever since that day!!!!

Dorton, Kentucky 1978

Todays date 07/30/2014 Date of encounter or sighting 1978

Name:  confidential on file.
Contact information  confidential on file.
Email Address:  confidential on file.

 location of sighting/encounter Dorton, Kentucky

What time of day did encounter / sighting take place after 10 pm What was the weather conditions Warm, dry. It was summer time on both occurrences

Please explain your encounter/sighting with as much detail such as sounds smells and the duration on event. The first time I was laying in the back bedroom of my grandparents house that was located in Owl Branch. I was 8 years old and was scared to be in another room away from my parents. I was laying in between them and the moon was so full and bright. Out of nowhere I see this shadow of a head with lots of hair. I never said a word to my parents about it. This particular bedroom was beside the hillside and it had to be every bit of 9 foot tall.
On the second occurrence, same place and bedroom. I had my girlfriend from across the road spending the night with me as that's what we did back then. My grandfather had a ladder resting on the outside of the house on the opposite window as he had tomato plants growing up the side of the house. We were just laying there playing truth or dare and laughing and having a good time with the lights on. Then all of a sudden you could hear something climbing up that ladder and we threw the quilt over out heads and were scared half to death. Whatever it was growled at us. We were both begging one another to shut the light out. But there was no way that either one of us would do that. Finally it jumped off the ladder and landed on the ground. It was a loud hit too like whatever it was, was something huge. Ever since both of those experiences, I never could go out at my grandparents house after dark for no amount of money in the world.  I did one time because everyone was out on the back porch smoking and drinking and having a great time. So I figured what the heck, my grandma needed something. Well when I came back, everyone was gone off of the back porch and the lights were out. I was prepared to spend the night in my car as I was petrified to get out in the dark. At that time, there were no street lights at all.

Were there any witness Yes the second encounter, was my best friend - confidential on file.
Do I have permission to keep your experience for future reference and possible publication  yes

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Men say they have evidence of Bigfoot in the Bluegrass - News, Weather & Sports

Men say they have evidence of Bigfoot in the Bluegrass - News, Weather & Sports

Steve Winn's comment

My friends Thomas Shay and Rodney Adams of Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group are on Wave 3 tonight at 11. They are two of the most prominent investigators and trackers on this side of the Mississippi. Check them out tonight
It all starts tonight at 11!! We revisit Kentuckiana's Monsters, Myths and Legends. YOU lead me to local nightmares!

Large print in Trimble county KY JULY 26 2014

This is one off the prints found this weekend by Tim Pierce of the Indiana Bigfoot Rangers in Trimble county KY. Was not able to cast this print due to another guest researcher from Indiana stepping on and damaging the print.

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Trimble family has encounter in Trimble county 07/23/2014

Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Trimble county KY.

Report July 23 2014.

This afternoon I talked with a Trimble county resident who he and his family had a encounter on a 400 acre farm here in Trimble County. The family was hired to work on the remote area of the farm. On the first day of working in the remote area the gentleman noticed at a distance of a figure squatting near a cedar tree after watching the figure for a few minutes it stood up and walked away it appeared to be covered in hair and walked on two legs. He stated that he later went to the cedar tree and noticed that what he saw had to stand at least seven and a half feet tall. Due to that he stands six foot and were he saw the area were the head was after standing up was higher than he was. Now he did not tell his family members who were working with him what he had seen. Later his wife came to him and stated that she felt as she was being watched and a few hours later she came to him and stated she saw this thing watching her from the woods.  At this time his son went up the hill to check the fence after a few minutes he saw something running thru the brush  and thought it was his son running with a roll of barb wire and he yelled out to him and at this time his son came running down the high white as a ghost and said something ran him off the hill at that moment the gentleman stated that whatever this thing was let out a load yell and an 8 foot to 10 foot limb came out hurling out from the area where he saw something moving  then he stated that it appeared that it was coming at them from the brush breaking limbs and make aggressive sounds that’s when he stated to me that he took several shots at it and it stop and moved off to the other direction screaming and breaking brush. He then went to the area where he shot into and found blood and on a tree limb he found a patch of black course hair that had a smell of feces he didn’t get any samples as for he stated that he was pretty shaken up and got his family out of the area. This witness talked with Rodney Adams earlier this morning and relayed it to me Due to Rodney working out of town and will not be back in the area until Friday Rodney relayed the phone number to me and I contacted the witness . We are currently getting permission from the land owner to retrieve the hair and sample of the blood. Before the weather sets in and contaminates the evidence. I know the witness personally and find him and his family creditable. During the interview the gentleman stated that he got a good look at what he saw and can’t understand what he saw he also stated that it appeared intelligent and feels bad that he shot it but at the time he felt his family and his own personal safety was in danger. After the interview he stated to me that he has hunted in the area for years and never seen anything like what he saw today and now knows that something truly walks the woods and valleys of Trimble County.  As it looks now I will be in the area tonight and as soon as I get the permission to retrieve the evidence I will do follow up. The incident happens within ¾ of a mile from the habituation site.  

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Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research field report July 20 2014

Today July 20 2014 I decided to investigate a little around the area where my wife saw something peeking from behind a tree upon arriving I loaded the ATV up and headed for the area.
After reaching my destination I had to go in on foot due to the thickness of the forest upon entering   and moving threw

 the area every ounce in a while I heard something moving parallel to me at a distance when I stopped whatever it was stopped and as I moved it moved with me I didn't give it much thought thinking it was a large buck I was pushing any way after arriving at the said tree I found several foot prints measuring 18 inches long. I began to photograph and taking measurements, one print stood out from the rest and I decided to cast this one, while waiting for the casting to dry I began to follow the tracks and along the way finding snapped trees and at one point I found a tree limb wedged in some saplings off the ground, after investigating this I noticed that there was not one tree close enough to have fallen from. Also along the track way I found a large wet area where as if something urinated the odor was strong and I took a swab and took a sample to send off.
After about an hour the track way ended into a thicket I tried to go threw but was no matched for the thorns and decided to head back to the casting knowing by now it would be dry.
 I Retrieved the casting and started my way back to my four wheeler now things get interesting back at my four wheeler I began to warp the cast and place it in the carrying department and out of no were this large piece of wood came flying out from the woods and landed ten foot in front of my four wheeler the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I stood there for a while listening and watching  waiting for something to happen but nothing did, so I went and retrieved the large piece of wood this piece of wood was solid and heavy I photograph said limb and then tied it to my four wheeler  and proceeded to my truck. I kept the large piece of wood as evidence.

 Before leaving I placed a trail cam in the area in a homemade Styrofoam rock and staked it to the ground at an angle. This weekend should provide some good evidence we will be staying in this area over night with night vision cameras sound recording equipment and some proximity alarms 


Odd report out of Milton KY.

This was post from a Female resident of Milton KY in Trimble county. In the years of investigating and researching I have received several odd reports just like this one but before you blow it off this could be a miss identification. As you read this some things to point out for one it was late at night, second as she stated it appeared to be hairless this be that it was either a older Bigfoot or diseased one the color grey should point out that it may have been an older Bigfoot the Bat and cat
like features and pointed ears might suggest that it was balding the long muscular arms is what we see in most Bigfoot sightings. The area in which she speaks about is on a step and curving hill in which you have to pay attention to when driving and the sighting in opinion she saw something but due to concentrating on driving the sighting was so quick that the details were slightly misidentified .The area has several reports of a grey Bigfoot that has been sighted in the general area. But anyway after reading this think about what my conclusions were and pounder it around and see what you can come up with .

July 18 2014  

I'm not sure I really saw this or it was my eyes playing tricks on me. In 2011 I was coming up the Milton hill at around midnight from work going home. I caught a look of something by the tree on the right side at the top of the hill. it looked like a 6 foot tall hairless bat/man. body like a man face like a bat. or a cat face with pointy ears. I have brushed it off like I was seeing things but have never forgotten it.
The only thing I can add is that the color was white grey and the eyes reflected like an animal. didn't see a tail because it was at an angle behind a tree. it kind of reminded of when a were wolf is changing back to human. it's arms and legs were long and muscular
This was at the top of hill right before you get to the house that sets down in the dip on the same side of the road.
  I think it was late summer, early fall time. between end of august and early October . it scared me and every time I pass the spot. I look.

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My wife's first Bigfoot exprenice.

On Wednesday July 16 2014 my wife out of the blue asked me if I would take her out to the farm and show her how to shoot I agreed and we headed to our farm here in Trimble county KY.  After arriving at the farm this is what happen in her own words.

On Wednesday, my husband took me out to learn how to shoot. While I was learning how to hold and handle the weapon we got a couple of wood knocks. As a skeptic, I was fascinated.

Tom, my husband, began to explain  to me about the knocks at this point he showed me a path in the grass which had been pressed down going to the pond, it was wide, wider then what a deer would make. He told me to walk on the path and pay attention to the texture of the ground under my feet. I could feel the big foot impressssions under my feet then he showed me a fresh tracks  18 inches in length.

After that, we started doing whoops and howls. I got some responses in the form of growls and moans.

At this point I whistled and got a whistled and I got a whistle back. This whistle was different then the bird chirps.  I also did my impression of a Bigfoot howl which sounded like a seal and I got response from that too.

Finally I saw a head poke out from behind a tree. Was it A Bigfoot? I don’t know.

Now the pathway that I showed my wife was a pathway that myself and Rodney Adams investigated and photographed several prints. The fresh track that measured just a little over 18 inches and was around 5 to 6 hours old due to the vegetation that was broken in the print showed little wilting as for the figure which appeared to be peeking from behind a tree was pointed out by my wife was solid black in the tree line we watched for several minutes before it disappeared back into the forest. My wife is a skeptic but now wants to go with me on our investigations.

This is the area we are doing our overnight in. on the 26 and 27 of July


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First Annual Bigfoot Social

First annual bigfoot social will be held at Lake Jericho July 17 at 4:00 pm this will be an informal get together, open to everyone so come out and share your stories and evidence with other local Bigfooters. Bring the family! There will be grills in the area if you wish to grill, bring your lawn chairs, or blankets. Drinks and food will not be provided. This is an opportunity to meet with researchers and the N.K.B.R.G will be on site to talk and greet everyone. We will be showing the correct way to cast a print, but other than that, this will be unstructured and basically an chance to hang out with researchers, ask questions, and swap stories. Fun for all! The park charges a fee of $ 2.00 per adults and $1.00 for children. Hope to see you there!

  • 1852 Lake Jericho Rd
  • Smithfield, Kentucky 40068
Phone(502) 845-2104

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Finding Bigfoot Season Five – Kentucky-Bigfoot Call of the Wildman

The official website of Cliff Barackman

Finding Bigfoot Season Five – Kentucky-Bigfoot Call of the Wildman


The team’s second trip to Kentucky was due to the evidence collected by Tom Shay of Trimble County, KY. Tom has quietly been investigating local sightings of bigfoots for a number of years now, and has come across quite a few possible footprints, nearly all of which he cast. Tom is not driven by proving sasquatches are real, but rather he is interested in learning about the creatures. Even more than this, though, is that he simply enjoys the investigations. His philosophy and quiet demeanor matches mine very well, and we hit it off immediately.
Tom’s footprint cast collection is excellent. Some of the casts came in conjunction with visual sightings adding to their credibility. Not all the casts are picture-perfect, but that is because Tom casts almost everything he and his partners find, not just the clear ones. (I highly recommend all bigfooters to do the same.) The casts show several prints left by the same individual at different locations, and with dramatically different toe splay. Some show evidence of a highly flexible mid-foot, and one even has clear dermatoglyphics. The collection of casts is excellent evidence of the presences of at least a couple sasquatches in the area.
The majority of Tom’s footprints have been from a piece of private land where only he and his research partner Rodney are allowed to go. It took a while to gain the trust of the property owner before he would let Tom have access to the property because apparently it is known to the owner that a family group of sasquatches has taken up residence in the more inaccessible corners of his land. The Finding Bigfoot team was not granted access to this property (I can’t blame the property owner at all for this), but we were allowed access to the property adjacent to the larger parcel for a night investigation.

Steep hollows are the name of the game when bigfooting in Trimble County, and our night investigation involved traversing several of them. After a precarious journey to the bottom of one of these draws, Matt and I made our way to the ridge on the other side. Soon after one of my calls, we both heard what sounded like a knock off to our right and part way down the hill. I didn’t think the knock was very close, but Matt thought it was. Soon thereafter, we heard movement in the brush from this general direction, but we never got to see what was making the noise. It is unknown if the knock and the brush movement were related.
Obviously, one of the highlights of this episode was the on-screen presence of Ernie and Neal from Animal Planet’s Call of the Wildman. Bobo and Ranae were slated to do a witness interview with Ernie about his bigfoot sighting from 1974 when he was nine years old, and then to later take him and Neal out for a night investigation. (Charlie Raymond of Kentucky Bigfoot has written up Ernie’s story and has done the property follow-up on the encounter.) I was a little bummed I couldn’t go, but I had met the due at the Animal Planet offices a few months prior to this expedition and heard Ernie’s story first hand on that occasion.

While Bobo, Ranae, and Matt were busy elsewhere, I visited Leanette, a long-term witness who has had several encounters on her property. One encounter from September 27, 2013 was particularly interesting because she saw a creature looking in her window. Windows don’t change size, so they provide a static gauge to guess the size of bigfoots looking through them. She noticed light getting blocked out of the window frame when she turned to see two amber colored eyes, approximately 8 to 10 inches apart, looking at her. On-site measurements yielded an approximate size for the sasquatch of 8.5 feet (or possibly taller, as the eyes themselves were at 8 feet above the ground) with 42-inch-wide shoulders.
After seeing the creature peering through her window, it seemed to turn to its left and walk out of frame. Her dog was barking wildly, and as Leanette went towards the door, the dog pushed its way ahead of her and obstructed her path as if to keep her inside. She then ran upstairs to look out the window into the yard on the backside of the house where the creature might have gone to. From there she saw a sasquatch squatting behind a bush in her yard. This creature was about 55 inches tall tall when squatting down, and it is unknown if it was the same creature or a different one. She saw its profile, and it had black hair, copper-colored skin, and a “weak” chin. Leanette then yelled at it, and the creature then yelled back at her very loudly. Since that time, she has found impressions of two different individuals on her grass and in her garden, and has heard screams that she cannot identify.

Our next witness interview was to be with Miranda. She saw a possible sasquatch from a long distance away. It wasn’t her sighting that compelled us to visit, though. She and her family found what they think was a sasquatch footprint in the woods across the way from her home just a few days before our visit. The weather hadn’t turned against us, but we didn’t know when the rain would come.
It’s hard to say if Miranda saw a sasquatch or not. The distance was just too great to make out the details we would need to come to a conclusion. Tom Shay told us that there have been several other sightings within a half mile of this location that he found credible, and a couple of them were in daylight. It is not entirely out of the question, but the answer is something that we may never know.
The footprint that Miranda’s daughter found across the way is one that I deem inconclusive. It might have been just a naturally occurring mark in the ground. The print would have indicated that the creature was moving into a brambly area that showed no signs of recent passage. I left the print in the custody of Tom Shay, and we both have our doubts about the cast being from a bigfoot.
A special surprise that made this Kentucky expedition special was a visit to the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum in Louisville, KY. Rick Redman at the museum hooked us up with one-of-a-kind baseball bats for tree knocking. Upon our request, he gave us four more bats without inscriptions so we could save our special ones and not beat them up too much by hitting trees with them.

Our final night investigation location was chosen with the help of Tom Shay and a local witness. A woman saw a sasquatch walking along the treeline from her home not long before our visit, and the patch of woods went from where the creature walked down many miles to the Ohio River. Bobo and I teamed up and went into the hollow and made some noise. Bobo and I heard some very close and clear bigfoot vocalizations from above us on the ridge. We heard five vocalizations, each one progressively closer to us. The last was estimated to have come from just above the crest of the hill we were under, but was not a howl like the others. It was more of a garbled yell. They were some of the most impressive vocalizations I’ve had the pleasure of hearing.
Trimble county is an excellent place for both bigfoots and the bigfooters who search for them. Huge kudos go to both Tom Shay for gathering so many excellent footprints, as well as to Charlie Raymond who so diligently gathers eyewitness accounts from this area.