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Aug 142013

bigfoot 01To document Bigfoot reports and encounters and the history of bigfoot in Trimble,Carroll and Henry Counties of Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky.Follow us on facebook under The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group Trimble County Kentucky.
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  One Response to “BIGFOOT: The Beast of Kentucky”

  1. about first week april 2013 my wife and I were setting on porch at edge of dark something started screaming behind new best western on 23 in louisa after afew minutes istarted recording it it was god awful sound my neighbors thought somebody was dying.two weeks later on a small pond on my property I found 6 footprints the one good one measured 21 inches long 14 inches wide have pictures,sent them to ky DNR they said they were adnomal coundnt identify them ,it was in mud,so they would be inch or so smaller i would think.keeping my trail camera up hoping to get a picture

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