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Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Field Report 6-28-14

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Field Report 6-28-14
On 06/29/2014, the three primary investigators returned to the Trimble County habitation area to continue our investigation after a lengthy absence due to resent presentations. Thomas Shay and Rodney Adams lead investigators, and Bob “Wolfman” Bratcher biologist and science writer of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group of Trimble County Kentucky and joined by guest Tim Pierce of Indiana Bigfoot Rangers made up the investigators meeting at 4PM. In the meet area prior to entering the habituation area multiple new foot prints and fresh trail through Tom’s property was found. Prints ranged in size from 16 inches up to 21 inches, yes we believe Goliath has returned. We found an area that appears to be where one or more are bedding down near a known deer trail and one set of tracks, and the 21-inch set had nearly an 80-inch stride. Due to the prints being found in the heavy grassy area we were not able to cast any but they were clearly visible to experienced trackers, disappointing that no casts were obtain but still excellent evidence. Upon entering the habituation area we found several new tree structures, these remain a mystery as to why they are constructed but is a continuing fascination, Robert often lags behind as he studies and photographs these structures as they are an endless curiosity to him. Our expedition ran into a little weather difficulty, we got caught in two rapidly moving rain/thunder storms and were drenched. During the rain we heard several loud whistles like the squatches were saying hey dummies you are getting rained on.
We actually had several whistles returned as well. We heard several knocks and two large “some things” moving around us but the new growth is so thick that visibility is down to 100 to 200 feet and something could be that close and the team not see it. Robert heard movement from the area of multiple tree structures and saw the brush moving but even with a telephoto lens he could see nothing in the dense growth. Vocalizations in the form of whoops and howls were also heard and just out of sight in the deeper forest we heard a fairly loud growl which may have been recorded but still needs analyzing as we had trouble with a loose connection in our parabolic dish, but we also had recorders running. Currently we are obtaining new equipment for our research and presentations. We have new presentation equipment, laptops, projectors and screen and hope to have new thermal video gear for future use. We hope this new equipment yields better field results soon. Also we are planning two more overnight trips, one directly in the habituation area and another in the area we believe Goliath is frequenting. Please join us at our outdoor presentation and learning sessions coming in August, stay tuned for more information, dates, times and confirmed location, but as of now we plan on using Lake Jericho recreational area. Thanks for reading this report and for your continued interest and support.

The Northern Kentucky Research Group
Thomas Shay Founder and Lead Researcher
Rodney Adams Lead Researcher
Robert “Wolfman” Bratcher Field Biologist and Science Writer

NKBRG Field Report 6 28 19

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Bigfoot Buzz

Aug 142013

bigfoot 01To document Bigfoot reports and encounters and the history of bigfoot in Trimble,Carroll and Henry Counties of Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky.Follow us on facebook under The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group Trimble County Kentucky.
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  1. about first week april 2013 my wife and I were setting on porch at edge of dark something started screaming behind new best western on 23 in louisa after afew minutes istarted recording it it was god awful sound my neighbors thought somebody was dying.two weeks later on a small pond on my property I found 6 footprints the one good one measured 21 inches long 14 inches wide have pictures,sent them to ky DNR they said they were adnomal coundnt identify them ,it was in mud,so they would be inch or so smaller i would think.keeping my trail camera up hoping to get a picture

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Northern Kentucky Research Group 06/15/2014 Habituation area.

Northern Kentucky Research Group 06/15/2014 Habituation area.
Today I entered the habituation area upon entering I noticed that there has been quite a lot of activity since the last time the team was here.

First a track way entering the area with prints measuring roughly around 20 inches with a stride of 80 inches I followed the track way and came upon a large X structure laid out on the ground photos and measurements were taken. So I came upon the site where we conducted our overnight at the fire pit something had step in it bare footed, the print measured 16 inches with multiple prints in the area also the peanut butter jar was
 missing except for the top and the game cam was tore from the tree and inoperable and new structures were erected .did capture some audio  when I finished uploading I will share .

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Finding Bigfoot: Two Men and a Ton of Footprints in Kentucky : Video : Animal Planet

The Finding Bigfoot team is back! This week, the team heads to Kentucky to...

Northern KY Bigfoot Special Report 6 5 14

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Special Investigation Field Report 6-5-14

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Special Investigation Field Report 6-5-14

Background: On May 25, 2014 The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research group received a report of multiple incidents involving three families living within a four to five mile proximity of the same region. The families have asked that their names and the exact location of these incidents be kept in the strictest confidence for fear of ridicule and their privacy disrupted. All three families are considered highly credible witnesses and Norther Kentucky Research always respects and honors requests for anonymity.
All families have reported hearing strange noises in the woods behind their homes including knocks, banging, howls and screams at night. Rocks have also been reported thrown at one house and at an out building. Dog food in large ceramic containers have also come up missing and one of the family members observed a security light come on as a dark figure passed under a window with the shoulders and head being briefly visible. Pets now refuse to go into the area without their human owners and stay close to their homes. Tom and Rodney investigated the scene of the window and by their measurements this creature would have to be over eight foot tall to have been witnessed from the window it was reported.
On June 1, 2013 The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot research group began an official ongoing investigation. During the initial investigation a singe print was found as was an older “X” type tree maker commonly seen with Bigfoot activity. Trail cameras were placed and a peanut butter jar was taped to a tree at the back of one property, a technique the team often uses in our habituation studies. This began the investigation. On June 5, 2014 Thomas Shay and Rodney Adams lead investigators, and Bob "Wolfman" Bratcher biologist and science writer of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group returned to do a follow up investigation and meet with one property owner for an update on recent activity.
The property owner reported that they had seen the trail cam lights flashing and more vocalizations had been heard. Upon exploring the property several new freshly broken trails in and out of the surrounding forest were noted as well as possible prints. A print was also seen and photographed in the creek that runs throughout the forest boundary. A fresh bedding area was found inside the tree line and additional tree markers were noted at a distance in the surrounding forest but many of the markers appear to be old and not recent but with the thick overgrowth it was difficult to see at a distance. A well defined pathway was seen across the stream where a series of trees were bent lining the trail.
The peanut butter jar had been opened and 1/4 of the contents eaten by use of a stick and the lid replaced. A small grey hair sample was collected and will be analyzed soon. The older deep print that was found initially was cast, but while removing the plaster cracked into multiple pieces due to the wet ground. The cast did reveal some toe formation and a fat pad could be seen. We are trying to salvage the cast and will post if restoration shows any detail. The trail camera pictures show a possible shadowy figure in the far distance, these photos are still being viewed and we will share anything of value when completed. The team reinforced the tape of the peanut butter and trail cams were repositioned at different angles and locations hoping to at least get some evidence from one source. The team’s investigation will continue and hopefully will yield more evidence and we can offer explanations to what these families are encountering and provide them with peace of mind.
Thanks for your interest and support and stay tuned to our continuing efforts in investigating the unidentified hominid roaming the counties of Northern Kentucky we all know as Bigfoot.
The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group

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CFZ-USA: BIGFOOT IN KENTUCKY: I've just discovered that the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group has a most interesting website with archival material. have a l...

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Update on on-going investigations. June 1 2014

Update on on-going investigations.  June 1 2014.

Just to get everyone up to speed back on may 25 2014, We received a rash of incidents involving three families who live four to five mile apart among the same area. We were asked that the names and locations of incidents be kept confidential.

First family reported hearing strange banging in the woods behind their home howls and screams at night and what appeared to be two yellow orbs in the woods. I talk at length with the individual via telephone. When asked to come out and conduct an interview, I was told they would have to think about it they were afraid someone would find out and be ridicule.

Second Individual Who I talked with this morning June 4 2014 in person reported strange howls and screams at night and rocks being thrown at home and on multiple evenings has seen something large hairy and solid black walking up right in the wooded area across the road from his home.  I did a walkthrough of the property this morning and was unable to get into the wood line due to the overgrown vegetation being  too dense but did manage to put a trail cam up.

Now for the third family I and Rodney Adams spoke via telephone and on June 1 2014 we meet at the area of activity and after talking with the family they relaxed and what was reported to us were loud smacking or something hitting a tree wood on wood.  While sitting on their deck they were growled at during the night loud screams coming from the woods adjacent to their property having large objects thrown at the home and surrounding buildings. Large flower pot containers filled with dog food the night before would come up missing now we are talking the whole container and on one occasion around 2:30 AM one of the family members observed the security light come on and a dark figure passed the window just the shoulders and what appeared to be a head .Rodney and myself have seen the location of said window and by our measurements one would have to be over eight foot tall.

You could see and hear the fear in their faces and voices as they told of the incidents at this time Rodney and I conducted an initial investigation of the area and found several tree structures and a possible print measuring sixteen inches also we both had the feeling of fear overcome us as we were in the wooded area after leaving the area the feeling subsided we immediately  set up a game camera and informed the family that we would be back in a few days to check the camera out and investigate some more.

The next day we were informed by the family that the game camera flashed during the night several times. That’s all for now that we have I will be posting the photos of the print soon.

We will update you as the investigation proceeds