Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 BIGFOOT NEWS IN BRIEF

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Bigfoot | Mysterious Times
The state Wildlife and National Parks Department has confirmed that the alleged Bigfoot tracks discovered near the Endau-Rompin area here actually ...

BIGFOOT: The Beast of Kentucky: 05/20/14
To document Bigfoot reports and encounters and the history of bigfoot in ... Follow us on facebook under The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research ...

LA Bigfoot Sighting, Honey Island Swamp Creature, Bigfoot Transcendence – FNBU2-21 ...
Jeffrey Kelley: Join Rev. Jeff for a look at the weeks top Bigfoot Stories Like Bigfoot Sighted outside of LA California, New Doc on the Honey Island

We find an abandoned mine in a Bigfoot Area | BigfootBlogger.Com
Fasano Bigfoot Research: George and I are deep in the Citrus Track of the Withlacoochee State Forest and walk up on this man made structure

Bigfoot Evidence: Do Bigfoot Eyes Really Glow?
Bigfoot Evidence Matt K.
Bigfoot Revolution Ep 4 Phil and Matt discuss the ever popular debate of bigfoot eyeshine. Do their eyes have some magical property or some never ...

Bigfoot Sighting Report - Sasquatch Canyon | Bigfoot Research News
Kelly Shaw of the RMSO (Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization) gives a Bigfoot sighting report from 1977 that took place in Sasquatch Canyon

Bigfoot Evidence: Check Out This Children's Book Adventures of Oskar & Klaus the Search for Bigfoot
Bigfoot Evidence Matt K.
Adventures of Oskar & Klaus: The Search for Bigfoot is an enriching adventure story with a message of friendship and inclusion. Getting outside of our