Friday, May 16, 2014

Was a sasquatch a mascot of a sports team part 1

Squatch  was the team mascot for the Seattle Supersonics of the National Basketball Association. Between his 1993 debut and the team's relocation in 2008 to Oklahoma City, Squatch appeared at more than 175 events annually, and was with the organization during their run to the 1996 NBA Finals.
In 2007, Chris Ballew of the rock band Presidents of the United States of America wrote and performed a song about the mascot That same year, Squatch attempted to set a world record with a jump of 30 feet on inline skates, over vehicles owned by NBA players Ray Allen and Robert Swift.
The biography of the Edmonton Rush Lacrosse Club's yeti mascot, Slush, describes a history wherein the two characters grew up together in the Cascade Mountains. Squatch appeared during the Rush's inaugural game to "teach" Slush how to be a professional mascot.
Following the move of the Seattle SuperSonics to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma the character was retired, and remains part of the intellectual property (name, colors, et cetera) that the City of Seattle retained as part of the KeyArena lease settlement. The character's performer from 1999-2008 remains under contract with the relocated team.

The Edmonton Rush Lacrosse Club has, not one, but TWO yeti mascots.

There is "Slush".


And the more elusive "Freez

  And for a few years, the Quebec Rafales hockey team had this flaming yeti surfing a hockey stick as its jersey logo.