Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Trimble county resident recalls encounter

Both encounters were on Rodgers rd at the very back of pecks pike Milton. The first time I was going to close up our chickens like every night, occasionally some of our hens would cross the fence into the woods an lay eggs so I went to round up the few stragglers. When I stepped a few feet into the woods I started to hear a low growl, it startled me but I thought it must be the neighbors dog . I called out to try and calm him down or shoo him off but when I took another step there was a grunt and crushing brush as something ran off through the trees. The next time me and a friend were around a campfire when we heard a call like nothing I've ever heard. It's hard to explain how it sounded but it started off like a deep call but switched in pitch by the end to sounding almost like a lady, it is very hard to explain through text but I have spent my whole life in these woods and I've heard both bobcats and foxs and that was neither of those. I can't say for sure what either encounter was but I believe it was something I have never seen before