Wednesday, May 21, 2014

subject of the evidence that the group has been presenting

I have refrained from posting thus far, but if would like to comment on the posts that have been said on the subject of the evidence that the group has been presenting. I ask forgiveness ahead of time for being long winded as well. I am Thomas Shay's wife so I am a little biased and don't like anyone questioning him. That being said, I am a Bigfoot skeptic. However, I read all of his evidence as well as sit and watch Finding Bigfoot, Mountain Monsters, and all those other shows that are a bit painful for me to endure. I will say that the evidence presented by this group is every bit as strong and compelling as anything I have ever seen on these shows. This should be quite compelling considering that this is a group of country boys who have zero funding. The group leader, aka my husband, is a disabled veteran who has a wife on dialysis and sick most of the time and a five year old boy to take care of. Rodney Adams has a full time job that requires frequent travel, and a wife and teenage daughter. I don't know a great deal about Robert Wolfman Bratcher, having only met him once, but I know he is a busy guy with a family of his own. They don't have a flir or other equipment other than cell phones and what guests have who squatch with them. Yet they have evidence. They work hard, they don't ask for money from anyone, and they want to put what they have out there for everyone to see. If there is a question, ask the question. However, it only looks bad on the author when one asks a dozen questions and then states that they are skeptical, not of Bigfoot, but of the group...that's just insulting. Then accusing the group of making fun of believers....why not go ahead and call them hoaxers. How is that anything but an insult? These are good guys who are just trying to put out the information out there. Have questions? So do they! There out there trying to get answers. When they have answers, they will post them. Until then, you will have to be satisfied with what they have. And if you don't like it, leave. These boys gain nothing by you membership, or by doing this research. They do it for themselves. They don't have to convince anyone of anything. If your interested, read. If your not, don't. P.S. No one cares about haunted houses. It does not bolster your credibility in the Bigfoot community as they are unrelated. There are paranormal sites for that. And that, boys, is my long winded poorly written rant....thank you for pretending to read it.
Crystal Phillips Shay