Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Protocol concerning new investigations in territories other than our area

Protocol concerning new investigations in territories other than our area.
For clarification purposes, I define Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group areas of study to include Trimble County and some additional areas in Carroll County, Henry County, and Jefferson County, IN as we are only four miles away. There has been some concern about groups taking on investigations in other areas and a lack of protocol concerning involvement of other researchers etc. So, here goes....
Obviously, anyone can squatch anywhere they want, any time they want unless the property is private. This is not a fascist state we live in, and our group, in no way, wants to give the impression otherwise. However, there are established researchers in other areas, and it is common courtesy to have protocols in place when we are in what they consider their backyard. I am establishing these rules for my team, because it is my hope that other groups will also extend me the same courtesies when they are in "my backyard."
If our group receives information about a sighting that is outside our normal area, we will first ask the witness if they are opposed to us contacting the researcher who normally handles the area. If it is a case where the witness is a personal friend of our group or has some other reason for refusing to call the other group, the following protocol will be implemented. We will then ask the witness if they would allow the area researcher to participate in a joint investigation. If the witness is still reluctant, we will then request that NKBRG be allowed to give the information and data to the researcher after our investigation is complete so the area can at least have accurate sighting data and records.
The reason for this should be clear. Each area and state for that matter needs to have accurate records of sighting information in order to research thoroughly and establish patterns in bigfoot behavior. And, again, this is common courtesy. Human beings, like bigfoots, can be very territorial. I ask any researcher who is not on my team to please extend me these same courtesies.
Further, any investigation that is to be done under the NKBRG banner must be approved by founder Thomas Shay or Investigator Rodney Adams. There will be no tolerance for investigations initiated by others without approval, especially in areas outside our area, but this goes for all investigations. The group grows larger everyday, and we must be an example for others if we want to continue to operate inside the bigfoot community as a whole.
To that end, I would like to make one final point. If there are legitimate problems with another researcher's work, those can be discussed in a respectful manner. There will be no tolerance for bashing another researcher from any group simply because you don't like them or because of a perceived wrong that does not deal with actual research.
Some examples that are covered here
Doe handles Joe County, KY. Our group receives a report from Joe County. We first ask the witness if we can hand off the report to Bob. If the witness consents, we contact Doe and give him the report. Case done as far as we are concerned. If the witness refuses, we ask if Doe can at least join us in a joint investigation. If the witness consents, we contact Doe and tell him we have an investigation planned on a certain date and see if he can come with us. If the witness refuses this, we conduct the investigation ourselves. We ask the witness if we can share the results of the investigation with Doe as it is his area, and he keeps records of sightings in the area. When push comes to shove, it is all about the witness and what they want.
John, a member of NKBRG, hears about a report from Joe County and he contacts the witness without first discussing this with group leaders. This breaches the above protocol and threatens our group's standing in the bigfoot community as well as our credibility and reputation. John will be reprimanded and possibly removed from the group if this type of behavior persists.
John does not like Doe, a researcher from another area. Apparently Doe said something about John's wife that was inappropriate, so John bashes Doe every chance he gets. This is not research related and will not be tolerated
John, who may or may not like Doe, notices in a post that Doe chased what he thought was a bigfoot into a dark forested area alone. John comments that this does not seem safe and discusses this in terms of primate/human behavior when chased or threatened. This is justified as educational to others and constructive criticism, which is necessary for advancement of any field, cryptozoology, included. But it must be done respectfully. Calling Doe an idiot or a dumba$$ helps no one and reflects poorly on the author.
I hope these clarifications help, and I sincerely hope I don't come off as a group dictator. I just want to have established guidelines that allow us to be an example for others to follow and to come to for scientific information and debate. Feel free to share respectful opinions on the subjects discussed here.
Thomas Shay