Monday, May 26, 2014

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Field Report and Overnight Expedition 5-25-14

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Field Report and Overnight Expedition 5-25-14
On 05/25/2014, the 3 primary investigators returned to the Trimble County habitation area to continue our investigation after the overnight stay directly in the Bigfoot habitat on 5-17-14. Thomas Shay and Rodney Adams lead investigators, and Bob “Wolfman” Bratcher biologist and science writer of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group of Trimble County Kentucky made up the investigators mee...ting at 3PM. The team was also joined by Bob’s wife Laura who often accompanies Bob on his outings and is a seasoned Squatcher herself. In the area multiple new foot prints and tree bends, breaks and structures were found and documented. Also a new structure that appeared to be a dwelling like structure was found near the main trail in. These structures Bob likes to call Squatch Huts and may serve as shelter or hunting blind as this one sits right off a main game trail. This structure was not seen on the previous night investigation. This evidence is some of what Bob as a biologist finds the most interesting as it is supportive evidence of a higher intelligence the team believes these beings to possess.

The new gifts of corn bread, hotdogs and sardines in two different areas left from the overnight study were all accepted. The hot dog wrapper was empty, the corn bread gone and the lid of the sardines had been removed and the can completely cleaned out. The can and lid were then placed under the tree where the gift had been left. This rules out any small animal as the lid could only be removed with something with hands, and the can was otherwise undamaged and no teeth marks could be seen.
The team heard movement and heavy foot fall from multiple directions and distant walking was heard via parabolic dish heading away from the area. One figure was spotted for a brief glimpse and was grey in color as is often reported in Trimble County, but disappeared as quickly as it was spotted in the now heavy growth, video is still being examined in hope we caught something. The team also heard multiple vocalizations and several episodes of characteristic chatter but with a higher female quality and a strange laugh like quality at the end. This was the first time the team has experienced this strange new phenomena. Several whoops, a few whistles, howls and knocks were also heard. Multiple use of recorders was attempted and these are being listened to and analyzed as this report is posting and will be shared should they provide further evidence once reviewed. We know some of the vocals were captured and will know more once everything is scrutinized and this will be posted as well.
Thanks for your interest and support and stay tuned for upcoming exciting news and more of our efforts to identify the hominid roaming Trimble County Kentucky we all know as Bigfoot.

The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group