Sunday, April 27, 2014

Investigation 4/26/2014

Robert Wolfman Bratcher 9:37pm Apr 26
Today I met with friend and the lead researcher for the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research group Thomas Shay. We had planned to work on the team’s sighting database software but first Tom took me to an area on his private property were he had found a recent 21 inch by 9 inch and 4.5 inch deep print. The print was amazing with all 5 toes, the fat pad and midtarsal break clearly visible. We turned up an additional 15 prints along with an area were several large animals had been laying, even a print in the pond bottom under water was visible. The prints ranged in length from 12 inches to 21 with several 18inch tracks in line with the 21 inch set. I cast my first print using hydrocoal casting plaster gaining insight from Tom’s experience and expertise from casting large prints. I was able to capture toes and detail but not the depth of the entire track as it would take nearly four containers of plaster and I only had on e, which is usually sufficient with most prints. With a stride of 72 inches and 21 inch length and depth of four inches, the estimated size of the owner is 10 foot and 800+ pounds, I have nick named him Goliath. Also while discussing the day’s find, a long mournful howl was heard form the near by ridge sending chills up both our arms.

What an awesome day! Thanks Tom!