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Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Habitation Area Field Report 4-27-14

On 04/27/2014, the 3 primary investigators returned to the Trimble County habitation area to continue our investigation. Thomas Shay and Rodney Adams lead investigators, and Bob “Wolfman” Bratcher biologist and science writer of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group of Trimble County Kentucky made up the investigators meeting at 12PM. Prior to continuing our habituation study, the team returned to site of the 21 inch prints found by Thomas Shay and cast by both he and Bob. The researchers wanted to share this important and exciting find with team mate Rodney Adams. The team found newer prints in the area, additional 21 inch prints and 14-15 inch prints actually in and alone a spring fed pond that we believe the Bigfoots are using as a watering hole as it has constant fresh water inflow. Plus new paths and foliage breaks were noted throughout the area and in a bedding area that has a possible constructed wind break. This is believed to possibly be a mating pair as no young juvenile prints have been seen is some time in the area, and the smallest observed adolescent now stands 7 feet tall. No new prints were cast as the pond ones had filled back in with mud leaving only outlines visible.
The team found some new activity in the habituation area from the previous investigation. New tree formations were seen as well as new tree breaks. The new baiting technique of a bag of apples suspended above the trail still remains untouched but there was an unusual find with the rock structure. The rock structure had a deer skull place on it by the team previously, now had the same skull set beside the stone pile but a stone had been cemented into the skull by what looked to be mud or more likely feces, a sample was collected but hair was found in the material making the team lean toward fecal matter. The trail camera that was left in the locus tree had been removed and could not be found, this is the approximate seventh camera the team has lost. A new camera was placed high in a tree and out of sight but still facing a newly placed jar of peanut butter that was left by the skull and stones.
While searching the habituation site the team heard multiple tree knocks coming from one ridge and stone clacks coming from opposite ridges. A series of deep growls, huffs and a single scream was also heard prior to a new phenomena. While the team was readying to leave we heard the sound of a deer as what can only be described as screaming as it was seemingly attacked by a large predator. The sounds were horrific and lasted for a few seconds before going silent. The team suspects a Sasquatch caught a young deer or doe with the characteristic hind leg technique we have seen with other deer and the recent calf, injuring the animal causing the screams before it was finally killed by the predator,
Videos will be posting soon and a return expedition is scheduled in two weeks with expanded overnight research still in the planning at two locations likely in May. The team is also giving presentations at the regional libraries in Trimble county and Madison Indiana in June, more to come on these presentations soon but we welcome your participation and change to meet the team and hear us speak on everybody’s favorite subject of Bigfoot.
Thanks for your interest and support
The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group

Public Peer Review by David H. Swenson, PhD of Dr Ketchum’s DNA Study

Public Peer Review by David H. Swenson, PhD of Dr Ketchum’s DNA Study
For those following Dr. Melba Ketchum's work I found this peer review of her genome study and found it facinating and thought I would share. As a biologist this mirrors my own personal beliefs and theories on Bigfoot.
"Interested parties. I went over the manuscript by Melba Ketchum on Bigfoot genomics. My desktop had difficulty with a blast analysis of the consensus sequences. It helped me understand more ...about the project. This collaborative venture has done a huge project that taxes me to fully grasp. I see interesting homology with a standard human sequence with 99% match for mitochondria. From my abbreviated study, the nuclear genome seems to have human and nonhuman sequences. My opinion of the creature is that it is a hybrid of a human mother and an unknown hominid male, Just as reported. For all practical purposes, it should be treated as human and protected under law. Sasquatch is real, as proven by genetic analysis."

Possible Bigfoot photo

This is a cell phone captured picture of Goliath that Thomas Shay got when he found the prints earlier this week! It is from a distance or 100+ yards for a cell phone but still able to make out an image in the woods. Tom actually saw the creature but seeing and getting a good picture with a phone are two different things!
Robert Bratcher

Letter from a witness,sighting on KY.US 42. Between Bedford KY,and Carrollton KY

Today 04/28/2014, I received a letter in the mail from a witness, detailing her sighting March 2013,
This is what she wrote in her letter to me.

Dear Mr. Shay,

I am writing you for two reasons. One ,is to report my sighting in March of 2013 about 4-5 miles (headed from Carrollton to Bedford.)  The "Bigfoot" was 6-61/2 feet tall.
It crossed the road in front of my jeep in broad daylight  (1-2-3 and it was gone.) The creature was solid black- head to toe- with hair approximately 5 inches long covering all of its body. I viewed it from approximately 20 feet away,It cleared the two lane Highway-- in about 2 1/2 steps ( I counted them it was 8:15 am that morning. )
It walked kind of in a straight line,marching style,without bending its knees much.
Subject was clean-- looked to be young adult/agile and healthy.  No gender was determined as I viewed it from the left side view only. It never turned and faced me; I could not see its face.
Ever since that time, I regret not coming forward sooner as maybe now,that I think back,some footprints or hair samples might have been obtained.
It came from the brush and re-entered the brush on the other side. The creek it was heading for I believe,It was maybe hunger or thirst that drove it forward to cross possibly.
It walked tall,straight,and strong right across the road.

Follow up
This evening I contacted Mrs, McManis . and she repeated the same account as she wrote. the witness is in her 50s and stated that after the incident she carries a small video camera in her vehicle. She gave me the exact location of the sighting.
Several sighting have been reported in this area over the last several years.
posting the letter.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Investigation 4/26/2014

Robert Wolfman Bratcher 9:37pm Apr 26
Today I met with friend and the lead researcher for the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research group Thomas Shay. We had planned to work on the team’s sighting database software but first Tom took me to an area on his private property were he had found a recent 21 inch by 9 inch and 4.5 inch deep print. The print was amazing with all 5 toes, the fat pad and midtarsal break clearly visible. We turned up an additional 15 prints along with an area were several large animals had been laying, even a print in the pond bottom under water was visible. The prints ranged in length from 12 inches to 21 with several 18inch tracks in line with the 21 inch set. I cast my first print using hydrocoal casting plaster gaining insight from Tom’s experience and expertise from casting large prints. I was able to capture toes and detail but not the depth of the entire track as it would take nearly four containers of plaster and I only had on e, which is usually sufficient with most prints. With a stride of 72 inches and 21 inch length and depth of four inches, the estimated size of the owner is 10 foot and 800+ pounds, I have nick named him Goliath. Also while discussing the day’s find, a long mournful howl was heard form the near by ridge sending chills up both our arms.

What an awesome day! Thanks Tom!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Habitation site investigation 04/23/2014

 ,Habitation site investigation 04/23/2014
On the 04/23/14 ,I scouted around the habitation site.
The reason was a report of pets have come up missing in the area. After scouting around for a couple of hours I came upon a Skeleton of a large canine the strange thing about the skeleton was that its neck had be broken and the ribs were taken from the body and stacked neatly in a pile the I came upon another kill about 100 yards away.
also in the same area there were several large  foot prints in the soft ground and one was still in perfect condition as it was getting late I began casting the print and photograph the area
I returned this morning .04/24/14 and discovered more prints
I informed Rodney Adams and Robert Bratcher of the fine and a investigation is warranted more to follow soon after our investigation.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Remote Field Investigation Report 4-19-14

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Remote Field Investigation Report 4-19-14
On 04/19/2014, the 3 primary investigators switched our efforts to a new area in Trimble County to investigation previous reported sightings near the little Kentucky River, and to conduct a night investigation. Thomas Shay and Rodney Adams and Bob “Wolfman” Bratcher were accompanied by Rodney’s daughter Cierra and joined by Tom’s son Jacob. The investigation began at 8:30PM and the team heading into the woods following a 4 by 4 trail. Dogs in the area were constantly barking at us making recording anything difficult, with all the noise our parabolic amplification gear was useless. After dark some of the dogs settled down to our presence and Tom performed a whistle and immediately we got a return whistle. We did see several flashes of eye shine but with the horse fields around we could not rule out them as the source except one or two seen looked higher up like 8-9 foot, but again at the distance is was easy to confuse the actual height so we discounted them. Our police is try to attempt to debunk ourselves before we consider evidence, and the eye shine had a plausible explanation. We attempted several yells and howls with no results.
Half way through the investigation about 10:30 PM we heard a pack of coyote not to distant, glad to be armed in mating and whelping season as they hunt bigger game to fed their pups, and we did not want to be that game! Something set the coyotes, all the dogs and near by horses off and the coyotes howled and yelped. During the howling their was an unmistakable low pitched howl heard over the other background sounds. After the coyote pack died off there was an immediately low characteristic howl of a Sasquatch that echoed through the hollow... eerie at night and the whole group was excited. Unfortunate that was the only activity we can document for this investigation. We did find a intricate tree marker and several older tree twist on the main 4 by 4 path but no recent foot prints. The tree marked was ruled out as dead fall or storm activity as it was in a lone tree with nothing over head and the placement of the limbs were very intricate and not natural and there was a characteristic twist next to it in a large sapling, and this was directly beside the main trail.
Although we will continue out habituation study in detail, the Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group is expanding our team investigations for our study and publication. We will also continue to expand our overnight research in multiple locations that Tom has acquired permission to investigate in. Each area we study in the necessary legal permission to be there for our work is obtained, the team never trespasses. New multiple public presentations are also planned to show evidence and educate on this novel hominid roaming the Kentucky landscape. The team is also putting together expedition trips to take people into the field to teach about these fascinating creatures, and to show techniques on tracking, casting or prints and collection of evidence as well as a chance for a real encounter. Medical personnel will accompany each investigation and every possible effort for participants safety will be made. More on our future planned activities are forth coming.
Thanks for your interest and support
The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group

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To all members!
I had hoped that posting rules and/ guidelines would be unnecessary, But it has come to my attention that some of our members are concerned about the misuse of our site and post getting "hijacked" away from their intended message. Hopefully these guideline will serve the purpose of setting us back on message and get us back to Bigfoot, That's what we are all about.
Thank You

All members new and old please read! Posting rules and guidelines.
This Facebook Page was set up for the purpose to inform people about the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Trimble County Research project and to encourage discussion and the exchange of information on the yet unidentified hominid known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. This page as a forum is to facilitate the flow of credible scientific evidence or historical based information on Bigfoot to the public. This is not the place to voice political, religious/atheist or creation/anti-evolution opinions or beliefs. Everyone has their personal beliefs and those should be respected and honored. Religion and politics often get emotional and personal quickly as everybody may not have the same beliefs. By respecting others beliefs and keeping on the topic of Bigfoot, no one will be offended and the page remains friendly. Evolution is to be discussed on a scientific basis in the context that applies to Bigfoot research, and other debates on evolution versus creation should be taken to IM or will be deleted. Historical perspectives such as Native American legends or historical folklore may be discussed from the standpoint of anthropology and sociology as they pertain to Bigfoot research. Discussions involving hunting, harming or killing a Bigfoot are zero tolerance subjects. This pages purpose is for the scientific advancement of knowledge on the subject of Bigfoot/Sasquatch or any other name of this creature is known as. Additionally, this page frowns on subjects that have no basis in science or evidence to back them such as cloaking, invisibility, telepathy, UFO connections or other paranormal subjects. There are other pages for those discussions, not Northern Kentucky Bigfoot, we keep it science and evidence.
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The promotions of outside businesses, organizations, websites or other related activity is prohibited unless related to Northern Kentucky Bigfoot. Reports of sightings, video or news is encouraged. Please when starting such a new post for discussion, provide a link to that report in your first post.
If a Moderator has declared a post "closed" page members should not post any further comments to that post, or at a moderators discretion it will be deleted or the individual comment will be deleted and the poster warned once before removal.
Remember the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Trimble County Research Group is the advancement of science and knowledge concerning the creature known as Bigfoot, and to advance our official study and planned publications. Any problems or concerns with this page please contact an administrator immediately.
Thank you for your interest and support.
The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Trimble County Research Team

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Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Habitation Area Field Report 4-13-14

On 04/13/2014, the 3 primary investigators returned to the Trimble County habitation area to continue our investigation. Thomas Shay and Rodney Adams lead investigators, and Bob “Wolfman” Bratcher biologist and science writer of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group of Trimble County Kentucky were accompanied by Rodney’s daughter Cierra Adams. The investigation began at 12PM and the team returned to our main habituation site following a different route for safety due to turkey hunting in the region adjacent to the habituation area. In route to the area one new print was noted.
The team found little new activity in the area from the previous investigation theorized due to all the recent hunting in the area. The jar of peanut butter that remained the previous expedition and was nearly empty but some PB remained, was missing and unable to be found in the entire habitat. The new baiting technique of a bag of apples suspended above the trail remains untouched as did the rock structure. Photos from the trail came left in the locus tree will be evaluated but the previous photos again appeared to have been blanked out as if a hand was covering the camera lens. High wind made hearing anything difficult, but the team split up in
groups to cover the different ridges. Tom Shay and Robert Bratcher heard a single scream and heavy walking on one side of the ridge but no visual sighting occurred and only the one vocal and possible heavy walking was heard.
The second portion of the excursion consisted of investigation the predation of a yearling calf on an adjacent farm. Tom Shay had been contacted by the landowner and told that a few weeks ago a yearling calf had been killed and dragged in the woods. The farmer stated that what ever dragged the calf had to be large to drag a year old calf off. Sunday's investigation revealed extensive evidence of unusual predatory behavior unlikely related to coyote or dog or the rare mountain lion seen in the county, bear have not been reported. The front legs of the calf were completely pulled from their sockets, skin pulled back and meat removed. The neck had also been completely twisted severing the animals spine. Examination of the remains by Robert found that the musculature of the shoulders, legs and chest cavity had been pulled free after the skin was pealed back, and the rib cage remained intact. The fur had been pulled half off the calf like it was partially skinned. Examination of the internal abdominal and thoracic cavity shown where all the organs including heart, lungs, liver and intestine were removed. The remaining ribs and leg bones show no evidence of candid teeth marks with characteristic punctures by sharp canines. The rib cartilage was intact and untouched, unusual for predators such as cats or canine.
The carcass was 120 yards away from the main pasture and no evidence that it had been dragged. No disturbed substrate or ground cover was noted and it appeared the calf had been thrown against a tree as fur and tissue from the yearling was seen higher on the tree as was a bow from impact. Fifteen feet away one hind leg was found and had been chewed upon. Several possible prints were found in the area and a single 18.5 inch print was found partially washed out in the stream bed. Also two snapped trees marking the area were found.
Videos posting soon and a return expedition is scheduled soon with expanded overnight research in the planning at two locations.
Thanks for your interest
The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The new research database software is in for The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group Trimble County database of encounters.


The new research database software is in for The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group Trimble County database of encounters. Encounters for over the last 100 years are being inputted for indexing and statistical analysis for the teams research project and formal science paper publication. The team members have put many hard hours of time and research into this project to further the knowledge and provide proof of a large yet unidentified hominid living in Trimble County Kentucky. Please wish the team luck in their endeavors and thanks for your continued report and interest.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Calf found mutilated near habitation site.

 On Friday April 11 2014,

 I was in town having tires put on my truck. I ran into the landowner of our current habitation site . We talked and he asked me how my rese
 arch was doing, and I explained what has happen in the past few weeks. The landowner brought to my attention that A few weeks ago a year old calf was killed and dragged in the woods and stated that it had to be big to drag a year old calf off . I asked were the location of the carcass was, and he explained to me the exact location.

After the work on my truck was finished I drove to the habitation site and proceeded to investigate this kill and in the pasture I found the kill site. The front leg of the calf  and off to the right of the leg around 120 yards I came upon the carcass which which was supposedly dragged onto this side of the ridge. Upon careful examination, all the legs except one hind leg were pulled from the body the chest cavity was torn open. Fifteen feet away I found the other hind leg which appeared to be gnawed upon .
Now some would say coyote or dog killed the calf. Possibly, but to drag a 300 to 400 pound year old calf and we are also talking about dead weight. In the photos you will notice some dead fall. Whatever moved the calf had to drag it over the dead fall which is highly unlikely.
Upon investigating the ground there was no sign of it being dragged. The leaf litter was not disturbed which leads me to believe it was carried there. 
Around the carcass the ground was pressed down as if some thing very large and heavy was standing.
As I investigated the area around the kill site I found two snapped trees marking the area.
I wont come out and say this was a Bigfoot, but some of the evidence leans toward it.
In the last couple of weeks strange events have occurred in the habitation site. There are new tree structures. The last time we were in the site we had a stone thrown into the base camp. Now the killing of a calf.
We are planing to be in the site this weekend do get some more information. This last incident happened not more than 500 yards behind the landowners home. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Vocalzation reported south of Milton Kentucky!

On April 2 2014  I Thomas Shay received a phone call from a gentleman who lives south of Milton Kentucky who's name he dose not wish to be known. But have on file.
He stated to me via phone of strange howls coming from a holler on his property and he knew it wasn't dogs or coyotes. He described the howls as mournful and some aggressive at times and this happen on March 30 2014 at around 10:00 pm.
So I made arrangements to meet with him that evening April 2 2014. on his property.
After arriving around 9:30 pm. we set and talked more of the incident and around 11:00 pm we heard the first vocalizations of the night which continued off and on till around 1:30 am.
By 2:00 am we didn't hear  any more vocals and I ended the investigation.
 I know this gentleman personally he is a avid hunter and woods man and doesn't believe in a hairy
bipedal creature walking around in the woods of Trimble county .
After hearing the vocals he stated that that there may be something to the stories he has heard over the years.
The next day April  3 2014 I received  another report of hearing strange howls in the area.
We were granted permission to investigate the property after the spring Turkey season was over for our safety.
 the area has several reports of sightings and vocals over the years,

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

sighting/encounter Morgan Monroe State forestry in Indiana

Todays date 3-31-14

Date of encounter or sighting 5-4-12

Name: Robert "Wolfman" Bratcher

Contact information 746 N. Mckinley Ave
Clarksville IN 47129

Email Address:

location of sighting/encounter Morgan Monroe State forestry in Indiana in the overflow camping area

What time of day did encounter / sighting take place 2am
What was the weather conditions Clear and full moon

Please explain your encounter/sighting with as much detail such as sounds smells and the duration on event. Our first Sasquatch encounter was Thursday May 4th 2012 on the boarder between Morgan and Monroe counties in the Indiana state forestry.  My wife and I were camped out in the old camp ground back by the logging/fire road with the area to ourselves.  All night while cooking and eating and setting by the fire we keep hearing something large moving behind out camp but out of sight for the fire.  After bedding down I came at 2AM to relieve myself.  Standing there I looked over to our SUV and saw something standing on the other side of it.  At first I thought is was a tree until it moved away from the tree and closer to the car and was just standing there swaying back and forth.  It’s waist came up to the roof of the car where my shoulders hit and I’m 6foot.  This put this things height at 8-9 feet tall.  I ran and grabbed my LED super bright flash light and shined it right on a large hair cover creature.  It immediately ran by me stepping over the 3.5 foot high road gate like it wasn’t even there and ran behind our tent into the woods.  The creature/being ran so fast I couldn’t keep track on it with my light.  About 30mins to an hour later we heard two loud knocks and several small rocks began hitting out tent.  This went on for about an hour as we set on our cots looking out.  Then one big rock hit with such force that it ripped our tent roof open through the rain fly and this was a brand new Coleman tent used for the first time... and it was a 200 dollar tent! The next morning I found the trail and partial prints of something about 30 feet behind our tent, and the bark of root of the tree where I thought I saw that figure had been torn off where something stepped on it!  It was a fresh tear as it was still oozing sap that next morning.  So after all that we packed up and came home, wife and I scared to stay another night.  I know that was a squatch in the woods that night... he owes me a tent... and new underwear for us both!  Attached are pictures of an 18inch prints we found.  This scared the crap out of us but also addicted us on squatching.  We have since returned to that same area over the last two years and had multiple encounters.

Were there any witness Laura Bratcher wife.

Do I have permission to keep your experience for future reference and possible publication  yes

Would you like me to conduct a investigation? no

If you answered yes to the previous question, would you like me to keep your name and contact information confidential/anonymous Permission to use as you deem appropriate. I thought it was about time I added this t your data base.