Friday, March 21, 2014

possible shelter and prints (Trimble county KY 03/21/2014 )

03/21/2014 AT 1:45 PM.
Today I went out to the farm and rode the fence line checking for down fence.
and today I found something out of the ordinary a Cedar that had been push over and limbs had been  twisted and broken as if something was hiding something this wasn't done last week when I checked the fence and these breaks are I got off my ATV. I noticed a path leading in to the structure  and low and behold large footprints  and upon examining the structure  it appeared that something had laid inside the structure Took measurements of the tracks good 17 inch length and 4 3/4 inch wide.
photos taken conducting further investigation  03/22/2014.
This is in our habitation site that me and Rodney have been working in here in Trimble.