Monday, March 31, 2014

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Habitation Area Field Report 3-30-14

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Habitation Area Field Report 3-30-14
On 03/30/2014, the 3 primary investigators returned to the Trimble County habitation area. Thomas Shay, Rodney Adams, and Robert Wolfman Bratcher of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group of Trimble County Kentucky were accompanied by Rodney’s daughter Cierra Adams, her friend Lacey and

Bob’s wife Laura as guest. This is an ongoing study and investigation started by Thomas Shay lead investigator and his partner Rodney Adams over two years ago after obtaining legal permission and exclusive legal rights to this private habitat. Bob Bratcher has been brought into the study as an assistant researcher to Tom and Rodney. Bob is a former field biologist and will act as team science writer. The investigation began at 1PM and the team returned to our main habituation site. Initially in route to the area Tom notice a trail of prints approximately 16 inches long, exact size difficult to ascertain as the terrain is heavy grass, but toe impressions were seen and the trail led from an open field and back into the habituation area.
The team found extensive new activity in the area from the previous investigation. Continued evidence of varying sized foot prints were notice and multiple new stick structures were found. The main trail into the habitat also had new uprooted trees dragged over the road to further block entry into the area. A new ravine was explored this trip and 2 sets of deer remains were found that were clearly predator remains. Several new trails previously unnoticed were found leading into the area as were new stick constructions built on the hill side that were large and complexly woven. This was the hill side that on the previous investigation movement was seen and a blurry photo via taken by telephoto digital camera at extreme range. The photo although showing a possible subject is at too great a distance and too blurry to be in anyway definitive.
On the previous expedition a jar of peanut butter was left and had shown signs of having had been opened, half the peanut butter eaten and the jar sealed tightly back. Today they jar was torn free of the tree, the peanut butter all but gone, and broken sticks were found in the remains where investigation subjects had used tools to access the food. The empty jar was left open this time but under a stuff animal the team leaves for the observation subjects that is often move around and hair samples routinely found. The team again heard characteristic chatter but one of the subjects involved seemed to have a higher pitch then previously heard... and huffing and growls were heard on the adjacent ridge but no sighting made. Also a large rock was thrown into the area but not near any of the study members or quest. A previously left Vienna sasages can was found that had what appeared to be subject teeth marks and possible blood from a mouth cut... being sent for analysis.
The new baiting technique of a bag of apples suspended above the trail at approximately 9.5 feet high and the camera lodged in the thorns of a locus tree brought interesting and unexpected results. The apples remained hanging but there was evidence of handling as the mesh bag was slightly torn. The most interesting feature of the investigation was that although the apples remained, an “X” formation was made directly under the bag on the ground along with a small pile of stacked stones. The team has yet to reach any conclusions on this behavior. The bag was left in place but a few apples cut to provide a more enticing odor, and our own pile of rocks built under it was topped with the deer skull in order to offer some form of mutual communication. The cameras batteries had run down so we are unsure of any photos at this time. New batteries are installed and the trail came remains in the locust tree. Documentation videos will be uploaded soon on the teams continued efforts. A return expedition is scheduled for one week and the planned expanded research is advancing with two overnight investigations pending.
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