Sunday, March 23, 2014

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Habitation Area Field Report 3-22-14

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Habitation Area Field Report 3-22-14
On 03/22/2014, 4 investigators returned to the Trimble County habitation area and to a new area adjacent to the habituation area. Thomas Shay, Rodney Adams, Cierra Adams and Robert “Wolfman” Bratcher of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group of Trimble County Kentucky. This is an ongoing study and investigation started by Thomas Shay lead investigator and his partner Rodney Adams over two years ago after obtaining legal permission and exclusive legal rights to this research area. Tom also obtained permission to enter the new area today form the owners. The investigation began at 1PM and the area first investigated was a cedar tree that had been pulled over and several limbs twisted to form a lean-to that Tom had posted pictures of. Rodney and Wolfman further investigated the structure and found multiple impressions around 17 inches that strongly indicated prints and an area that was flattened down where something had been sleeping. Surprisingly the wind was very cool upon the ridge but inside the structure is was warm and wind free. Hair blond and reddish in color was found caught in a barbed wired fence in several places next to the structure but under magnification all hair was found to be that of a white tailed deer.
The second area of investigation was an old 4 by 4 trial that runs on the opposite ridge of the habituation area. The area was accessed from two different directions by foot and ATV. The foot team consisting of Rodney, Wolfman and Cierra continued down the old 4 by 4 trial while Tom headed to the habituation site as it was hoped the foot team may flush something in his direction. The team hiked between 2-3 miles and over 3 ridges and found the trail and tracks where a specimen was sighted running along the ridge last week. Tom said he spotted something again on the same ridge but never clearly saw it.
The team rejoined the main habituation site and found newer evidence of foot prints and multiple new tree breaks, bends and “X” like structures through out the whole area. There was evidence of heavy knocking on the side of one tree where the bark had been knocked off and impact indentations were left. The prints again ranged in size from 14 to 17 inches. On the previous expedition a jar of peanut butter were left with candy canes. On this trip the jar had been opened, half the peanut butter eaten and the jar sealed tightly back. Several candy canes were removed also as was a granola bar. A summer sausage was also placed in the tree above the peanut butter and something has torn it partially open but did not remove it.
While setting recovering from the long hike and roasting hot dogs, we heard wood knocks and heavy foot steps and walking just out of sight over the ridge. We also heard characteristic chatter that is often reported and howls in the distance. Movement was spotted on another ridge where howling had been heard but no confirmed sighting was witnessed. The team tried a new trail cam technique and a new baiting technique as the trail camera remained in place and had several pictures which are being uploaded and will be reviewed. The new baiting technique is a bag of apples suspended above the trail at approximately 9.5 feet high and the camera lodged in the thorns of a locus tree to discourage removal. Documentation videos will be uploaded soon on the teams continued efforts, and a return expedition is planned in one week and the continued expanded research is being developed at this time.
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