Sunday, March 16, 2014

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Habitation Area Report 3-15-14

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Habitation Area Report 3-15-14
On 03/15/2014, 4 investigators entered the Trimble County habitation area. Thomas Shay, Rodney Adams and his daughter Sierra were joined by Robert “Wolfman” Bratcher to investigate and document the continuing research of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group of Trimble County Kentucky. Thomas Shay lead investigator and his partner Rodney Adams have been conducting and ongoing investigation into this habitation area over the last two years. Tom has obtained legal permission and exclusive legal rights to this research area. Gifting and habituation is an ongoing investigative technique used in the groups research. The area was entered around 11:00AM from two different directions accessed by foot and ATV. The foot team consisting of Rodney and Wolfman found never evidence of foot prints in route to the location. On some previous expeditions jars of peanut butter were left with red lids as well as a stuffed toy turtle which has been moved on other occasions. On this trip the turtle remained in its last placed location but hair samples were found and removed by proper forensic technique, The hair samples were black, red and a few white hairs. Recent activity was noted as evidence of new pathways and fresh tree breaks and multiple prints. The prints ranged in size from 14 to 18.5 inches. While investigating several wood knocks were heard and multiple rock clasps were also heard coming from a creek bed.
At approximately 12 noon Wolfman left the group to go down to the creek to investigate the rock clasp and Tom stayed on trial to watch the adjacent ridge line. As Wolfman approached the creek and far ridge a large six to seven-foot figure covered in black hair ran across the ridge line at incredible speed, speed that a deer or dog might obtain but not a man. This 6-7 foot talk black creature also ran on it’s two hind legs and was likely an adolescent. It quickly ran across the ridge and disappeared into the tree line. Wolfman called to the other investigators, Tom who had been watching also saw the figure run across the timber line and the other investigators heard it ran through the brush and foliage.
The rest of the investigation produced wood knocks from the adjacent ridge across and from atop the ridge from where the creature was spotted. Also a large thud or knock was heard and upon returning to the gifting area a new tree had been knocked down near in the gifting area. Also a turkey feather was placed on top the ashes where a fire was built the last investigation. A new jar of peanut butter was secured to the same tree and a new trail cam was covered in branches for seclusion and placed after the last had been removed and has still not been located. Candy canes were also placed with the peanut butter and a granola bar was left near the creek where the sighting occurred.
Pictures below are of the gifting area and new tree structures and the video is off the peanut butter and trail cam placement. A return expedition and expanded research effort are planned soon.

Robert Wolfman Bratcher