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Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Habitation Area Field Report 3-30-14

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Habitation Area Field Report 3-30-14
On 03/30/2014, the 3 primary investigators returned to the Trimble County habitation area. Thomas Shay, Rodney Adams, and Robert Wolfman Bratcher of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group of Trimble County Kentucky were accompanied by Rodney’s daughter Cierra Adams, her friend Lacey and

Bob’s wife Laura as guest. This is an ongoing study and investigation started by Thomas Shay lead investigator and his partner Rodney Adams over two years ago after obtaining legal permission and exclusive legal rights to this private habitat. Bob Bratcher has been brought into the study as an assistant researcher to Tom and Rodney. Bob is a former field biologist and will act as team science writer. The investigation began at 1PM and the team returned to our main habituation site. Initially in route to the area Tom notice a trail of prints approximately 16 inches long, exact size difficult to ascertain as the terrain is heavy grass, but toe impressions were seen and the trail led from an open field and back into the habituation area.
The team found extensive new activity in the area from the previous investigation. Continued evidence of varying sized foot prints were notice and multiple new stick structures were found. The main trail into the habitat also had new uprooted trees dragged over the road to further block entry into the area. A new ravine was explored this trip and 2 sets of deer remains were found that were clearly predator remains. Several new trails previously unnoticed were found leading into the area as were new stick constructions built on the hill side that were large and complexly woven. This was the hill side that on the previous investigation movement was seen and a blurry photo via taken by telephoto digital camera at extreme range. The photo although showing a possible subject is at too great a distance and too blurry to be in anyway definitive.
On the previous expedition a jar of peanut butter was left and had shown signs of having had been opened, half the peanut butter eaten and the jar sealed tightly back. Today they jar was torn free of the tree, the peanut butter all but gone, and broken sticks were found in the remains where investigation subjects had used tools to access the food. The empty jar was left open this time but under a stuff animal the team leaves for the observation subjects that is often move around and hair samples routinely found. The team again heard characteristic chatter but one of the subjects involved seemed to have a higher pitch then previously heard... and huffing and growls were heard on the adjacent ridge but no sighting made. Also a large rock was thrown into the area but not near any of the study members or quest. A previously left Vienna sasages can was found that had what appeared to be subject teeth marks and possible blood from a mouth cut... being sent for analysis.
The new baiting technique of a bag of apples suspended above the trail at approximately 9.5 feet high and the camera lodged in the thorns of a locus tree brought interesting and unexpected results. The apples remained hanging but there was evidence of handling as the mesh bag was slightly torn. The most interesting feature of the investigation was that although the apples remained, an “X” formation was made directly under the bag on the ground along with a small pile of stacked stones. The team has yet to reach any conclusions on this behavior. The bag was left in place but a few apples cut to provide a more enticing odor, and our own pile of rocks built under it was topped with the deer skull in order to offer some form of mutual communication. The cameras batteries had run down so we are unsure of any photos at this time. New batteries are installed and the trail came remains in the locust tree. Documentation videos will be uploaded soon on the teams continued efforts. A return expedition is scheduled for one week and the planned expanded research is advancing with two overnight investigations pending.
Thanks for your interest
The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group

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Cliff Barackman interesting footprint

Cliff Barackman

Here's a cool shot of an interesting footprint cast from the Blue Mountains of OR/WA. This Sasquatch stepped on a rock, around which its foot appeared to conform. This suggests a very thick fat pad on the bottom of the foot. Impressive!

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Habitation Area Field Report 3-22-14

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Habitation Area Field Report 3-22-14
On 03/22/2014, 4 investigators returned to the Trimble County habitation area and to a new area adjacent to the habituation area. Thomas Shay, Rodney Adams, Cierra Adams and Robert “Wolfman” Bratcher of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group of Trimble County Kentucky. This is an ongoing study and investigation started by Thomas Shay lead investigator and his partner Rodney Adams over two years ago after obtaining legal permission and exclusive legal rights to this research area. Tom also obtained permission to enter the new area today form the owners. The investigation began at 1PM and the area first investigated was a cedar tree that had been pulled over and several limbs twisted to form a lean-to that Tom had posted pictures of. Rodney and Wolfman further investigated the structure and found multiple impressions around 17 inches that strongly indicated prints and an area that was flattened down where something had been sleeping. Surprisingly the wind was very cool upon the ridge but inside the structure is was warm and wind free. Hair blond and reddish in color was found caught in a barbed wired fence in several places next to the structure but under magnification all hair was found to be that of a white tailed deer.
The second area of investigation was an old 4 by 4 trial that runs on the opposite ridge of the habituation area. The area was accessed from two different directions by foot and ATV. The foot team consisting of Rodney, Wolfman and Cierra continued down the old 4 by 4 trial while Tom headed to the habituation site as it was hoped the foot team may flush something in his direction. The team hiked between 2-3 miles and over 3 ridges and found the trail and tracks where a specimen was sighted running along the ridge last week. Tom said he spotted something again on the same ridge but never clearly saw it.
The team rejoined the main habituation site and found newer evidence of foot prints and multiple new tree breaks, bends and “X” like structures through out the whole area. There was evidence of heavy knocking on the side of one tree where the bark had been knocked off and impact indentations were left. The prints again ranged in size from 14 to 17 inches. On the previous expedition a jar of peanut butter were left with candy canes. On this trip the jar had been opened, half the peanut butter eaten and the jar sealed tightly back. Several candy canes were removed also as was a granola bar. A summer sausage was also placed in the tree above the peanut butter and something has torn it partially open but did not remove it.
While setting recovering from the long hike and roasting hot dogs, we heard wood knocks and heavy foot steps and walking just out of sight over the ridge. We also heard characteristic chatter that is often reported and howls in the distance. Movement was spotted on another ridge where howling had been heard but no confirmed sighting was witnessed. The team tried a new trail cam technique and a new baiting technique as the trail camera remained in place and had several pictures which are being uploaded and will be reviewed. The new baiting technique is a bag of apples suspended above the trail at approximately 9.5 feet high and the camera lodged in the thorns of a locus tree to discourage removal. Documentation videos will be uploaded soon on the teams continued efforts, and a return expedition is planned in one week and the continued expanded research is being developed at this time.
Thanks for your interest
The Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group

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Lucky Point Incident. Possible Bigfoot Encounter

Indiana Researcher has possible encounter with a Sasquatch!

On March 21 2014 , I received a detailed report from Indiana Paranormal and Bigfoot Researcher  Tracey Huntley of her encounter at Lucky Point Indiana on July 6 2011.
This is her report that she sent me.
Totally awesome Report!

Hi Thomas.
I will try to keep this as short as possible, because when it comes to this situation, I tend to ramble on.

I guess the first thing I will tell you is the same as I tell anyone. I am willing to take a lie detector test and so is the other person (Chet) as to what happened to us.

It was early morning July 6th 2011. Approx 1:15 am. Weather was hot, dry. No wind, no rain.

This happened in Wheatland which is a town located in Knox County Indiana. Imagine the smallest country town you can think of in Kentucky. That's Wheatland. One convenient store, a church or two and a small mom and pop hotel that  may or may not be in operation. The area is essentially farm land and woods.
The 'area' this happened at is an area infamously known as 'Lucky Point'. It is a little used country road. One side is fields/crops with further back woods. The other side of the road takes you straight up into woods. So fields on one side of the road and woods on the other. The side with the fields has woods as well, but they are further back. This is relevant.
I just wanna say I have always believed in Bigfoot. Never doubted it. But I never believed they were here in Indiana, so never bothered looking.
I am a paranormal investigator and a paranormal writer. Back in 2001 I found this area (Lucky Point) online. They talked of Lucky Point being haunted, Indian burial grounds, primarily UFO sightings and Bigfoot sightings. Well heck I had to check this out! So Chet and I drove to Knox County in April of 2001. I was hoping for some paranormal activity, *hauntings* and related. *I could have cared less about UFOs, not even sure if I believed in them* and I didn't believe the Bigfoot reports because I didn't there were any Bigfoots in Indiana! I was wrong.
So my point is, I went there back in 2001 as a ghost hunter. By the end of that night, I walked away a UFO buff.
We didn't see any ghosts lol, but as we were walking out of the woods back to our car, a UFO appeared. but Thomas, this UFO didn't just fly around in the sky. It flew down to where we stood and back up into the sky in *less* than a second! As if that weren't enough, it did it once or twice more! Flew down to us (it was small made no sound) then back up into the sky! All we could see was a ball of light. The closer it got, the brighter it got. All the nature sounds stopped when it came around. The frogs, the crickets all stopped. It left out of there so fast that I couldn't track it with my camera. Yes that's right. I taped it. Damn sure wouldn't be telling anyone if I didn't have proof. =) I think Jeff Rense has the account on his site somewhere.

We would also take a lie detector test for this or anything we have dealt with. I am a credible person and a trusted writer. Probably the most honest person you'll ever meet. The video is real.
I realize this isn't a UFO report, but the reason I'm telling you all this is because I need to explain why we kept going back every year. Unlike Morgan Monroe which is pretty close, Lucky Point is around 200 miles from us. That's a lot of gas and wear on an old worn car.
If we hadn't experienced activity of any kind on our first trip it was unlikely that we would have gone back.
But we did go back, year after year. Not once in all the times we went back and camped out there, did I bother to look for Bigfoot. Why look for something that isn't there?
I was now obsessed with UFOs. There have been a few other things that have happened out there over the years, but I didn't tape them.
There is a small, one lane country bridge on this road. We park our car next to it *every single time* we go. I have been on, slept by that bridge HUNDREDS of times. I know that bridge like the back of my hand.
The bridge has at least two different types of steel. The railing, is a different metal than the base of the bridge.
They have a different sound. My hearing has been tested to be extremely above average. I can *hear* the difference in those metals.
By now you are asking yourself if I'm crazy. lol no. >_> I just want you to keep the metals in mind when I tell you what happened.
In 2011 July, we went back. As is the case most of the time, there was no activity. Just a quiet, calm evening.
However we were standing on that bridge, I had my camera off because my battery was getting low. I was saving the battery life in case a UFO came along.
We were bored, and knew our time was running out to experience any activity. We knew within an hour or two we would be heading back to Indianapolis.
Out of complete boredom and desperation lol I suggested to Chet that we throw some rocks out in the pitch black field, just to see if we got a response.
You see I often research Bigfoot so I knew about throwing rocks at people to scare them away. My thinking was we would turn the tables and throw rocks at a Bigfoot instead. >_>
Thomas, it was so pitch black out there that we had *no way* of knowing where we were throwing these rocks/pebbles. We know the field well, but just couldn't see it in the middle of the night.

The rocks/pebbles we were throwing, were just small rocks from the dirt road around the bridge. No big rocks or anything like that, we didn't want to accidentally hurt an animal in the dark.
I was pretty much the one gathering the rocks off the road, go on the bridge hand them to Chet who would throw them. Chet has a heck of an arm, can throw quite a distance.
Not once did I ever think we would get a response. Ever. All that is out there as far as wildlife is deer, cows, coyotes and an occasional wild turkey.
I was wrong again. We got a response! As I was walking back off the bridge to get more rocks, something so BIG and so LOUD hit the bridge, that it vibrated under our feet! I was still on the bridge, near the end of it but not on dirt road yet.
The object that hit the bridge, hit exactly right next to where I was standing! You talk about instant goosebumps! I didn't know a person could get goosebumps in their scalp, but let me tell you, they can.
I am already afraid of bridges. This didn't help lol
Just like with the UFO, now, there is not a day-- not one day, that goes by, that I don't think about what happened. I have never wanted to leave an investigation, I was not scared when a UFO flew down, nor have I ever feared for my life on an investigation, until something hit right next to me on that bridge.
It shook the bridge. It hit right exactly inches from where I stood. I know it wasn't a deer or a cow that threw something. This place is so desolate (very few houses, sleepy, in bed by 8 pm town) so no it wasn't a person and I can explain why I think that as well in a second.
I mentioned the different metals. This thing hit the railing and not the base of the bridge. I tested the difference when I composed myself, (by listening to how the metal sounds when it's hit by a rock) and the object definitely hit the railing metal, fell into the water below. Imagine something so big come flying at you in the pitch black so you can't see it coming, then hits next to you so hard that it *shakes* a small bridge. We didn't even have flashlights on.
Now if you go down that field adjacent with the bridge/water stream, there is one of those drainage tunnels down the field a ways. around that drainage tunnel is the bigger rocks like you typically see surrounding a drainage tunnel you know?
I think *that* is the kind of rock it threw. Maybe it was getting some water. I just don't know.
I also have researched if bridges settle. I could find NOTHING on that and I don't think after 11 - 12 years going there several times a year and NEVER has that bridge made a peep, settled or anything else rather than just 'sit there', then all the sudden when we were, for the very first throwing throw rocks and soon after there was a loud and vibrating BANG on that bridge? That was no coincidence. Something threw something at me. It missed me on purpose, it was just a warning.
My best guess? All I can figure is that there might have been more than one Bigfoot. Perhaps Chet hit the female mate, it pissed the male off, so he decided to throw a rock at Chet's mate.
Last, maybe most important. The reasons I don't think this was a human:

* When I say this road is desolate I wasn't kidding. That day for example, we got there in the morning around 8 or 9 am. We had been there all day already parked right by the road and bridge and NOT ONE car had driven by. Finally a farmer with a small toddler son drove by in his pick up truck, then about five minutes later he drove by again and stopped. I talked to him he was wondering what we were doing lol
When I told him he understood and wished us well and headed on his way.
That was the only vehicle to go on that road the entire time we were there.

* Whatever threw the object/rock had to be *inhumanly* big. I can not relay the strength it had to have had in order big and heavy to hit the bridge so hard it shook and all from what had to be a long distance away!

* Night vision. It had to have had night vision. It knew *exactly* where it was throwing or I wouldn't be sitting here alive telling you about it. I would be dead or brain damage. That's how hard it hit the bridge.

* Precision. The throw was precise there is no doubt there. It meant to scare me, not hurt me. There is no human that would throw something that big at me and risk actually hitting me because doing so would have been attempted murder.

I truly do recommend research on the Knox County area. There are reports out of there. I can't find it now, but if I recall, one of the reports from Lucky Point years ago, was from a police officer. He had a Bigfoot sighting.

But above anything research Lucky Point. That place is crazy. Even Vincennes University professors take interest in that place. It's been on the local news as well.
I would use the search words ' Lucky Point Knox County Indiana' or specifically for Bigfoot I think you would get some hits for 'Knox County Indiana Bigfoot Sightings'

I can send you a bunch of pictures of Lucky Point if you like. =)

Sorry this was so long!

Tracey Huntley

Friday, March 21, 2014

possible shelter and prints (Trimble county KY 03/21/2014 )

03/21/2014 AT 1:45 PM.
Today I went out to the farm and rode the fence line checking for down fence.
and today I found something out of the ordinary a Cedar that had been push over and limbs had been  twisted and broken as if something was hiding something this wasn't done last week when I checked the fence and these breaks are I got off my ATV. I noticed a path leading in to the structure  and low and behold large footprints  and upon examining the structure  it appeared that something had laid inside the structure Took measurements of the tracks good 17 inch length and 4 3/4 inch wide.
photos taken conducting further investigation  03/22/2014.
This is in our habitation site that me and Rodney have been working in here in Trimble.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Trimble County Kentucky Bigfoot Study official logo

Presenting the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group Trimble County Kentucky official logo and team patch. Supporting the excellent efforts and research this group does and wishing them all the success they deserve for their efforts.

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Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Habitation Area Report 3-15-14

Northern KY Bigfoot Research Group Habitation Area Report 3-15-14
On 03/15/2014, 4 investigators entered the Trimble County habitation area. Thomas Shay, Rodney Adams and his daughter Sierra were joined by Robert “Wolfman” Bratcher to investigate and document the continuing research of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group of Trimble County Kentucky. Thomas Shay lead investigator and his partner Rodney Adams have been conducting and ongoing investigation into this habitation area over the last two years. Tom has obtained legal permission and exclusive legal rights to this research area. Gifting and habituation is an ongoing investigative technique used in the groups research. The area was entered around 11:00AM from two different directions accessed by foot and ATV. The foot team consisting of Rodney and Wolfman found never evidence of foot prints in route to the location. On some previous expeditions jars of peanut butter were left with red lids as well as a stuffed toy turtle which has been moved on other occasions. On this trip the turtle remained in its last placed location but hair samples were found and removed by proper forensic technique, The hair samples were black, red and a few white hairs. Recent activity was noted as evidence of new pathways and fresh tree breaks and multiple prints. The prints ranged in size from 14 to 18.5 inches. While investigating several wood knocks were heard and multiple rock clasps were also heard coming from a creek bed.
At approximately 12 noon Wolfman left the group to go down to the creek to investigate the rock clasp and Tom stayed on trial to watch the adjacent ridge line. As Wolfman approached the creek and far ridge a large six to seven-foot figure covered in black hair ran across the ridge line at incredible speed, speed that a deer or dog might obtain but not a man. This 6-7 foot talk black creature also ran on it’s two hind legs and was likely an adolescent. It quickly ran across the ridge and disappeared into the tree line. Wolfman called to the other investigators, Tom who had been watching also saw the figure run across the timber line and the other investigators heard it ran through the brush and foliage.
The rest of the investigation produced wood knocks from the adjacent ridge across and from atop the ridge from where the creature was spotted. Also a large thud or knock was heard and upon returning to the gifting area a new tree had been knocked down near in the gifting area. Also a turkey feather was placed on top the ashes where a fire was built the last investigation. A new jar of peanut butter was secured to the same tree and a new trail cam was covered in branches for seclusion and placed after the last had been removed and has still not been located. Candy canes were also placed with the peanut butter and a granola bar was left near the creek where the sighting occurred.
Pictures below are of the gifting area and new tree structures and the video is off the peanut butter and trail cam placement. A return expedition and expanded research effort are planned soon.

Robert Wolfman Bratcher

Saturday, March 15, 2014

KY 754 sighting Bedford KY

On March 13 2014 I received a phone call from a couple who had a sighting on February 29 2014.
I talked with the couple via phone about the incident.
The report which you are about to read the witnesses asked to stay anonymous per request of there family's wishes.
On March 14 2014 at 1:30 pm I meet with the couple at the site of the incident.

Report as follows:

Date of sighing - February 29 2014
Time of sighting - 6:30 pm-7:00pm
Name of witnesses - ( withheld per request - names on file)
Number of witnesses - 2
Closest road and city - KY 754
Bedford KY

Phone interview as follows;

Tom- Describe what happen.
Witnesses- We were on our way back home from Wises Landing after visiting with friends.
It was between 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm it was just getting dark when this animal ran across the road in front of us. Frist we thought it was a bear!
Tom- why did you think it was a bear.
Witnesses-It was on four legs when it crossed. But as we got to the point were it crossed we watched it stand up and walk up the hill just like a man would walk.
Tom- describe in detail what you saw.
Witnesses- The fur appeared to be brown, arms were long and the hair was long it didn't stand straight kind of hunched over and it was very big.
Tom- How tall would you say it was!
Witnesses - I would half to say around 7 foot maybe more.
Tom- did you happen to see its face.
Witnesses - no
Tom- anything else you would like to added.
witnesses - no

On march 14 2014 I meet with the couple at the site of the incident. The area in which they saw the creature cross the road is set in a valley with a creek running thru
it surrounded with wooded hills on both sides.
where creature crossed
 where creature came from upon crossing road
 where creature crossed
 where the creature disappeared to  
Both witnesses appeared genuine in what they had seen. and after talking with them on site there story didn't change.  They stated that they told the story to a friend of there's who we done an investigation on his property and he referred them to us.
There is one more witnesses who states he had a encounter on the very same road interview coming soon.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

"" UPDATE'' habitation area Trimble, county KY.

 On  03/11/2014 , I went back to the habitation area were me and Rodney have been placing peanut butter jars and trail cam. As I entered the area by 4 wheeler the path that I take was blocked by some small trees which were not there Saturday 03/08/14. So I began to remove the debris. As I finished I documented the time as 11:48 am .
I proceed back into the habitation site to were the trail cam and jar of peanut butter was placed .
After arriving at the peanut butter jar I noticed that the jar was gone and the tape lay upon the ground as you can see in these photos.
Then I went to were I had set up the trail cam and found it was missing at first my first response was that someone had taken the trail cam but that all changed as I looked around and at the base of the tree were the trail cam was placed this is what I found the ground was soft enough that what appears to be a foot print as you can see in this photo.

The print measured 17 inches long  the print is of a bare foot there are toes visible there were other tracks which was not as detailed  I took  photos of the prints.gathered the tape and placed them in a evidence bag at which time I will investigate for any evidence.
The rest of the afternoon I spent looking for my trail cam thinking it may have been tossed over the hill or in some brush but I had no luck. no surprise I've lost five trail cams so far in this area three disappeared  two  damaged severely. I gave up the search for the trail cam and placed myself on a ridge over looking a valley around 4:00 pm I got a wood knock from the adjacent ridge across from me and not more than a couple minutes later A wood knock came from behind me.
It was quite for a few hours then from the ridge across from me a large whoop then silence.By this time it was around 7:30 pm and I decided to pack it up and call it a day .
Then out of know were there was this low mournful cry and as I stood there looking around  there was a more aggressive cry of anger that sent chills up my back.
I stayed for around 30 minutes at which time it was starting to get dark and I didn't observe any more  activity in the area .We are planing to go back this weekend with a new jar of peanut butter and a new trail cam in hand with some new ideas on hiding the trail cam.We will keep you posted on the evidence that we collect in this area .