Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Trimble county Kentucky resident encounter

This morning 02/18/2014 I received a Email from A Trimble county Kentucky resident and this is what was posted;
Bigfoot has been around Trimble Co. for decades there's been reports. We grew up hearing the many stories about something called, "The Trimble Co. Thing" It was in the newspapers in 1962 and there was even an effort to find it lead by the Sheriff, involving dogs and even a helicopter. I myself would not have thought a lot more about it, but I have heard it a few times. Could... have seen it twice, but the first time I was about six years old, with my sister and our German Shepherd dog, when it came right below us and screamed, very loud and unlike anything I've ever heard since. We all ran away. There has been many people see it and I've talked to them and believed them 100%. That and what I've heard out in the woods more than a few times has me convinced, something indeed was/is out there in the hollers and hills of this Ohio River bordered County.