Saturday, February 8, 2014

Trimble County Kentucky Report

This report was actually taken in July of 2013, when I talked with the witness shortly and we were to interview at a later date. And today February 7 2014 , I was contacted by the witness to conduct the interview.

Report : Date of sighting July 16 2013

Name of witness ( withheld at request of witness : name on file)

Time of sighting : 7:30 pm

Closest city and road : Bedford , Wises landing rd.

Number of witness : 2

In July me and my wife late that afternoon went to check  our Pygmy goats that we raise.
When we arrived the goats were highly agitated then we began to feed and water them then all of a sudden they became more agitated. I began to look around to see if a dog or coyote was around and at the end of the grazing pasture this large brownish hairy thing walked out into the open it stood on two legs and it wasn't no bear what I could tell it was around eight feet tall with long matted hair we were standing upwind of the thing and the smell could knock you down . Me and my wife stood there and watched as the thing crossed the pasture and disappeared into the woods.
The next day I went out to find tracks of what I saw but couldn't find any due to a thunderstorm that night wash every thing away.

I talk to the witness at length that day and he pass on to me that two days later he was with a utility crew that was on his property restoring down power lines when they encountered the creature standing in the wood watching them and then disappeared that the crew were so frighten that he had to retrieve a weapon from his vehicle and wait with them until they had finished.

I believe he is truthful the area is highly active and multiply sightings in the area and several castings I have taken in the same area!