Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Trimble Countian shares experience

Today February 18 2014 I was contacted by a   Trimble Countian who wish to share some of his experiences past and present about the history of Bigfoot in Trimble County Kentucky.
This what he had to say in his own words

Hi Thomas,

My name is Steve Jackson, I live on Mt. Pleasant Road. Grew up here in Trimble Co. I was always outdoors a lot when I was younger. I posted about hearing a bigfoot in 1962 when I was six years old, right down below my Grandmother's house, one Sunday afternoon. My Sister was with me she was about 12. We had just climbed up a steep hollow and was resting at the top, when it let out the most awful sound I'd ever heard, or have since. The big dog that was with us ran away just as we did! This was after the big "hunt" lead by Sheriff Clem out Patton's Creek way. I believe that was in June. I always figured they'd chased it into this part of TC. Of course nobody hardly believed we heard anything much. 

Later, when I was 16 a friend and I (Terry McDole) went to the old Roger's farm on Peck Pike and went to a hidden cave on a bluff. You couldn't see up the top, as it is a sinkhole cave that starts out way up above gets bigger, before coming out the cliff and you must traverse down it on a narrow pathway. Anyway it was a nice summer day, early in the morning, we were sitting in the cave mouth, looking over the river and tress about 50 feet below. When we heard heavy footsteps right above our heads. Thinking it was a person I asked who's there? The reply was a very deep growl that sounded like it came from a throat that was huge. We were terrified and my friend being a skinny guy climbed away along what seemed nothing much coming out of the cliff going the other way from which we had came down. I tried to follow him, but I was much bigger and would have fallen, probably to my death. I picked up a large rock that was laying there, thinking if it comes down the path I would smash it in it's face and try to make it fall. All this time whatever it was stood there feet above us. A very foul smell was in the air, like a skunk only worse, we hadn't smelled before it came up. Losing my nerve I smashed the rock downwards with all my might. As soon as it made a loud noise hitting against the other stones below, this thing that sounded so big and heavy ran in long jumps, away from us and went over this sheer cliff where we couldn't see it. We could hear it tearing down towards the river, branches broke and rocks rolled, I t sounded huge. When we got out nerve up enough to make our way back up through the woods and pasture, to the car it was so still. No birds were even about and they'd been singing before when we first walked down. The cows and hogs were all milling about up to the barns, as close as they could get to the fence towards the house. Before they'd all been grazing all about peaceably. 

Another time in the 1970's a friend (Gary Johnson)  and I was driving in March around on Corn Creek after a snow of about a foot. We came upon a calf head in the road and a panel of it's ribs. We got out and it looked like something had just pulled it's head off, as the tendons were hanging out. The ribs had huge human shaped bites down at the bottom. My friend said those are big bites! There was foot prints in the snow half covered up, shaped like a man's only bigger. They were all over the cow pasture and back up the hill, the way it was going would have lead to where McDole and I heard it a few years before. 

I have heard many people tell of seeing something manlike, over the years around here. They were not making it up at all as many were scared to death and you could tell it. Jeff Scott and Donald Eggerton  were parked at the top of Bedford hill one night in the 70's I believe they were going to drink some beer. They had the light on inside the car, when a huge hairy hand came in and they thought it was just seeing what the light was. Needless to say they got out of there very fast and Eggerton would always be in tears when he talked about it later, it scared him so badly.

I know of more stuff relating to Bigfoot in Trimble Co.

I asked Mr. Jackson if I could post what he had reported to me and he stated

Sure you can use anything I tell you. I am not shy about telling what I know, because I know it's true no matter what anyone else thinks. When I have time I will call you and tell you the rest of what I know and have been told. I know two girls that had an encounter at night once and shined a flashlight on it as it stood in some cat tails in a pond about 100 feet away. They were walking down an old gravel lane at night and it was following them in corn on the upper side of the road. They heard it and thought it was a cow out, but they had a few beagle dogs with them and they noticed they had all left and returned to the house. Then they saw a tall dark figure cross the road behind them and go over the hill. When they shined the light they saw it standing in the pond in some cat tails and they both fled. This area has a rich history of bigfoot and I even read about it in the Trimble paper some years ago, in the section where they post things from long ago, I believe that related to the 1940's. When they first started seeing it a lot in the 1960's out around Patton's Creek, they called it a huge black gorilla. It was even looking in windows and there's a lot in the Madison In. paper and the Trimble Co. paper in June of 1962, it was front page news in both all through that month. I have heard of people seeing tracks around here I have found one once in the 1970's, two boys in my school when I was young said they'd found one in a creek bed and boy did they get teased about that! I have read and watched a lot of books and shows on it and I just have to wonder if it's not something paranormal as the Indians say it has magic and can put people in a trance,
Mr. Jackson has stated to me that we will talk more and he will share more incidents that happen in Trimble county KY  past and present.