Monday, February 3, 2014

The tavern

 It was around 1950 late June or early July and on the southeast corner of the Jefferson county proving grounds in southern Indiana stood a small roadside tavern were the service men and civilian workers of the government facility would stop after work and unwind.
Late one afternoon a patron of the tavern was turning into the parking area and noticed a large hairy brownish man like creature climb over a ten foot fence with barbwire stretched along the top which is the property boundary.
As the patron stood there he watched the creature go into a blackberry patch behind the tavern and began feeding on the blackberry's.
The patron not understanding what he had just seen ran into the tavern and reported what he saw outside at which time several other patrons step outside to see a sight they just couldn't believe they stood and watched the creature for a few moments at which time the creature looked up and stood turned and look directly at the patrons of the tavern let out a loud screamed and bound back over the fence and disappeared into the woods of the proving grounds.
Now this took place along time ago but the story you have just read came from some of the patrons that was there that day.
They never reported it due to the fact as one stated Would you believe someone that had been sitting in a tavern. and probably I would have my doubts if it was only one witness but 3 men who was there and family members stating what was told to them by there family members of what took place that day.
The old tavern is long gone now but the proving grounds is still there.
Still to this day reports of vocalizations and sightings trickle out of the area.