Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tom comes face to face with a male Squatch today!!

While wandering through the awful Hell, known as Super Wal-Mart, I receive a frantic call from Tom.  He says, "Rodney??" and I can detect that something is not normal with his voice (I did not go with Tom today, as I worked late enough that getting in the woods wasn't an option).  "I just got the Shit scared out of me", he says and I ask if something yelled at him.  He says, "No, not yell, I saw it standing 50 feet from me!!!"  He then goes on to explain that he had found fresh tracks, and was making a video of the prints, which I will post as soon as they get converted down to a reasonable size.

Tom would never joke, or try to hoax me on this, and the fear in his voice was more than enough proof to me, that Tom saw a Bigfoot in our habitation area.  Tom detected a rotten smell, and looked up from the prints he was investigating, and to his amazement a large, hairy creature was standing about 50 feet away, and it was looking straight at him.  The hair covered it's body, except for the face, and was of a reddish hue.

Tom didn't flex a muscle and looked at the creature, the creature looking directly at him, for about 45 seconds.  It then pivoted on it's heel, spun it's body around and began walking away.  It did not seem to be in a hurry, which may be a sign that this creature is gaining our trust. Tom grabbed his phone and began recording, and was convinced he had that video we all want.  He jumped on the four wheeler and drove out of the area, eager to see his captured video.

Upon arriving at home, Tom's wife can tell he is shaken up.  She asks how it went and Tom said ,"You'll have to watch this video and see!"  The started to watch it, and low and behold, Tom had accidentally switched the camera around in his haste to record the creature walking away.  He recorded his jacket instead, but you can hear the creature walking away through the leaves,

Yes I know, it is disheartening, and I guess it just wasn't meant to be today.  The good news is, it revealed itself to Tom, did not make any defensive noises or gestures, and calmly waked away.  They are starting to gain our trust.  I believe it is just a matter of time until we capture sufficient evidence to quiet the cynics, and prove these creature are not a myth, but a living, thriving being - one that lives in our backyard.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mr. Jackson shares more information about Bigfoot and Trimble county KY.

 long ago I used to go hunting for Bigfoot all over the Corn Creek area and up through the Mt. Pleasant area. I would always have some sort of gun with me, because of what I'd heard before. Of course I never saw anything at all. The trouble was I knew for fact something was out there. Something that most people wouldn't even begin to think could be. It bothered me and I wanted to prove it to the world. ...Later in life I've had to accept that man just might not be able to prove this Bigfoot to the world and there has to be a reason for that. We find tracks, have sightings, hear it and even have pictures and films. But, we never find a body, we never shoot and bring one down to produce a body. I've had to rethink the entire deal and came to terms with the idea it does have some kind of special senses, powers or something, if for nothing else my own peace of mind. As once I heard enough around here and talked to so many people that did see it, I went beyond just thinking it could be real to knowing for a fact indeed, there is something out there. And you can't convince those that have no experience there really is. Another interesting story, came from Gale Leach a farmer that lived in a rather remote location, at the end of Pryor's Fork road off Mt. Pleasant road. I was cutting tobacco for him in the early 1980's and we started talking about this "thing" that had been seen in Trimble Co. over the years. He said he had seen it more than once on a hillside over from his house. Then one night it came up to his house and fought with his two shepherd dogs, said it whipped them both and didn't take long to do it. He got up and saw it run away while shining a flashlight on it. He figured it might be some sort of gorilla that had escaped from being transported or something, which of course was what the newspaper were calling it, a 6 foot tall black gorilla, as Bigfoot wasn't a common term back when they started reporting it in 1962.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Trimble Countian shares experience

Today February 18 2014 I was contacted by a   Trimble Countian who wish to share some of his experiences past and present about the history of Bigfoot in Trimble County Kentucky.
This what he had to say in his own words

Hi Thomas,

My name is Steve Jackson, I live on Mt. Pleasant Road. Grew up here in Trimble Co. I was always outdoors a lot when I was younger. I posted about hearing a bigfoot in 1962 when I was six years old, right down below my Grandmother's house, one Sunday afternoon. My Sister was with me she was about 12. We had just climbed up a steep hollow and was resting at the top, when it let out the most awful sound I'd ever heard, or have since. The big dog that was with us ran away just as we did! This was after the big "hunt" lead by Sheriff Clem out Patton's Creek way. I believe that was in June. I always figured they'd chased it into this part of TC. Of course nobody hardly believed we heard anything much. 

Later, when I was 16 a friend and I (Terry McDole) went to the old Roger's farm on Peck Pike and went to a hidden cave on a bluff. You couldn't see up the top, as it is a sinkhole cave that starts out way up above gets bigger, before coming out the cliff and you must traverse down it on a narrow pathway. Anyway it was a nice summer day, early in the morning, we were sitting in the cave mouth, looking over the river and tress about 50 feet below. When we heard heavy footsteps right above our heads. Thinking it was a person I asked who's there? The reply was a very deep growl that sounded like it came from a throat that was huge. We were terrified and my friend being a skinny guy climbed away along what seemed nothing much coming out of the cliff going the other way from which we had came down. I tried to follow him, but I was much bigger and would have fallen, probably to my death. I picked up a large rock that was laying there, thinking if it comes down the path I would smash it in it's face and try to make it fall. All this time whatever it was stood there feet above us. A very foul smell was in the air, like a skunk only worse, we hadn't smelled before it came up. Losing my nerve I smashed the rock downwards with all my might. As soon as it made a loud noise hitting against the other stones below, this thing that sounded so big and heavy ran in long jumps, away from us and went over this sheer cliff where we couldn't see it. We could hear it tearing down towards the river, branches broke and rocks rolled, I t sounded huge. When we got out nerve up enough to make our way back up through the woods and pasture, to the car it was so still. No birds were even about and they'd been singing before when we first walked down. The cows and hogs were all milling about up to the barns, as close as they could get to the fence towards the house. Before they'd all been grazing all about peaceably. 

Another time in the 1970's a friend (Gary Johnson)  and I was driving in March around on Corn Creek after a snow of about a foot. We came upon a calf head in the road and a panel of it's ribs. We got out and it looked like something had just pulled it's head off, as the tendons were hanging out. The ribs had huge human shaped bites down at the bottom. My friend said those are big bites! There was foot prints in the snow half covered up, shaped like a man's only bigger. They were all over the cow pasture and back up the hill, the way it was going would have lead to where McDole and I heard it a few years before. 

I have heard many people tell of seeing something manlike, over the years around here. They were not making it up at all as many were scared to death and you could tell it. Jeff Scott and Donald Eggerton  were parked at the top of Bedford hill one night in the 70's I believe they were going to drink some beer. They had the light on inside the car, when a huge hairy hand came in and they thought it was just seeing what the light was. Needless to say they got out of there very fast and Eggerton would always be in tears when he talked about it later, it scared him so badly.

I know of more stuff relating to Bigfoot in Trimble Co.

I asked Mr. Jackson if I could post what he had reported to me and he stated

Sure you can use anything I tell you. I am not shy about telling what I know, because I know it's true no matter what anyone else thinks. When I have time I will call you and tell you the rest of what I know and have been told. I know two girls that had an encounter at night once and shined a flashlight on it as it stood in some cat tails in a pond about 100 feet away. They were walking down an old gravel lane at night and it was following them in corn on the upper side of the road. They heard it and thought it was a cow out, but they had a few beagle dogs with them and they noticed they had all left and returned to the house. Then they saw a tall dark figure cross the road behind them and go over the hill. When they shined the light they saw it standing in the pond in some cat tails and they both fled. This area has a rich history of bigfoot and I even read about it in the Trimble paper some years ago, in the section where they post things from long ago, I believe that related to the 1940's. When they first started seeing it a lot in the 1960's out around Patton's Creek, they called it a huge black gorilla. It was even looking in windows and there's a lot in the Madison In. paper and the Trimble Co. paper in June of 1962, it was front page news in both all through that month. I have heard of people seeing tracks around here I have found one once in the 1970's, two boys in my school when I was young said they'd found one in a creek bed and boy did they get teased about that! I have read and watched a lot of books and shows on it and I just have to wonder if it's not something paranormal as the Indians say it has magic and can put people in a trance,
Mr. Jackson has stated to me that we will talk more and he will share more incidents that happen in Trimble county KY  past and present.

Trimble county Kentucky resident encounter

This morning 02/18/2014 I received a Email from A Trimble county Kentucky resident and this is what was posted;
Bigfoot has been around Trimble Co. for decades there's been reports. We grew up hearing the many stories about something called, "The Trimble Co. Thing" It was in the newspapers in 1962 and there was even an effort to find it lead by the Sheriff, involving dogs and even a helicopter. I myself would not have thought a lot more about it, but I have heard it a few times. Could... have seen it twice, but the first time I was about six years old, with my sister and our German Shepherd dog, when it came right below us and screamed, very loud and unlike anything I've ever heard since. We all ran away. There has been many people see it and I've talked to them and believed them 100%. That and what I've heard out in the woods more than a few times has me convinced, something indeed was/is out there in the hollers and hills of this Ohio River bordered County.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

save the best for last

Well it appears that they save the best for last. The Kentucky episode of Finding Bigfoot will not air until fall, during the final season of Finding Bigfoot. I will keep you posted as it comes together. All good things must come to an end.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Human-Bigfoot War In Oklahoma

The giants in the story appear to be Bigfoots.
Choctaw territory in Indian Territory was in SE Oklahoma, which is Ground Zero for Bigfoots in Oklahoma.
Interesting story. The Bigfoots (only referred to here as the giants) had been raiding human settlements on SE Oklahoma and Arkansas for some time, mostly stealing vegetables. They had also been stealing human children and apparently eating them. A Choctaw search party was organized, led by Joshua LeFlore.
This man actually existed. He was born in the Choctaw Nation in 1797 and died in Indian Territory in 1855. So apparently this story, if it is true, is from 1855. It must be later than 1838 because Indian Territory was only established in that year. It references Arkansas, and that state was let in in 1836. There was not yet a state of Oklahoma, not to come into being until 1907. So the story must have taken place from 1838-1907.
A hunting party tracks the Bigfoots down and finds a giant mound with the bodies of 19 human children the Bigfoots have been kidpnapping and eating. The Bigfoots are covered in hair, and the bad smell of their shit and piss is everywhere. Most of the humans’ horses rear up and throw their riders, which is what horses do when they see Bigfoots.
The humans attack the Bigfoots, and LeFlore empties his revolver at one, but it’s useless. The Bigfoot kills LeFlore’s mount with a single blow and then tears off LeFlore’s head. The rest of the Indians open up with .50 caliber Sharp’s buffalo rifles (designed to drop a buffalo) on the beasts, from experience aiming at their heads, as this is the best way to kill them. Two Bigfoots drop. A Choctaw Indian hunts down LeFlore’s killer and finishes it off with a hunting knife. Then he decapitates it for good measure.
The Indians bury what’s left of the kids, then bury their leader, giving him a 21 gun salute. Then they make a bonfire and burn the Bigfoots on the fire. They ride home, heading for bad dreams, maybe lasting a lifetime.
Wild story! The giants certainly seem like Bigfoots. Many Indian tribes describe Bigfoots as highly aggressive, stealers of men, women and even children. Young women were apparently taken for mates. Bigfoots would descend on Indian villages with whistes before raining rocks down on the Indians.
Many Western tribes describe areas of their territory that were totally off limits, and the Indians refused to go there, for these were the territories of the Bigfoots. These territories were full of game, but the Indians were so terrified that they avoided them like the plague. Why would Indians avoid a forage-rich area area due to creatures that don’t even exist?
Probably the Bigfoots were more aggressive against Indians because the Indians did not have good methods for killing them. Power comes from the barrel of a gun after all. Bigfoots are highly intelligent and appear to have a language. Our guns are very powerful, much more powerful than the Indians’ weapons. Bigfoots have probably learned to fear and respect us due to our weaponry, and that is why they are much more pacifistic than they were in the Indian era and even during the early era of White settlement of the West.
Most animals figure out who the apex predator is and leave it alone. In North America, humans are the apex predator par excellance. I would imagine that most animals figure this out at some point, or there is some race memory due to genetic selection. For instance, grizzly bears that are highly aggressive are rapidly killed by humans, and the surviving bears that pass on genes are the most passive and avoidant ones.
There is a precedent for stealing children. During times of famine in Africa, chimpanzees are known to raid human villages, steal human babies and eat them.
Who knows if the story is true, but it sure is cool!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Trimble County Kentucky Report

This report was actually taken in July of 2013, when I talked with the witness shortly and we were to interview at a later date. And today February 7 2014 , I was contacted by the witness to conduct the interview.

Report : Date of sighting July 16 2013

Name of witness ( withheld at request of witness : name on file)

Time of sighting : 7:30 pm

Closest city and road : Bedford , Wises landing rd.

Number of witness : 2

In July me and my wife late that afternoon went to check  our Pygmy goats that we raise.
When we arrived the goats were highly agitated then we began to feed and water them then all of a sudden they became more agitated. I began to look around to see if a dog or coyote was around and at the end of the grazing pasture this large brownish hairy thing walked out into the open it stood on two legs and it wasn't no bear what I could tell it was around eight feet tall with long matted hair we were standing upwind of the thing and the smell could knock you down . Me and my wife stood there and watched as the thing crossed the pasture and disappeared into the woods.
The next day I went out to find tracks of what I saw but couldn't find any due to a thunderstorm that night wash every thing away.

I talk to the witness at length that day and he pass on to me that two days later he was with a utility crew that was on his property restoring down power lines when they encountered the creature standing in the wood watching them and then disappeared that the crew were so frighten that he had to retrieve a weapon from his vehicle and wait with them until they had finished.

I believe he is truthful the area is highly active and multiply sightings in the area and several castings I have taken in the same area!

Friday, February 7, 2014

2002 Bigfoot creature spotted at Lake Monroe

  Ape? Bear? Bigfoot? Sightings pose mystery..
Indiana, Residents nervous after spotting creature in forest area south of Lake Monroe.
Sighting Location: Lake Monroe in Hoosier National Forest, Indiana
Article by: Kurt Van der Dussen, HoosierTimes, Friday, February 01, 2002

Residents nervous after spotting creature in forest area south of Lake Monroe

HARDIN RIDGE - First a piranha, then a python, then a monitor lizard and now an ape?

Indiana Fish and Wildlife Division officials and an Indiana University anthropologist aren't ruling out the possibility that the creature folks have spotted along Chapel Hill Road in remote, rugged Polk Township could be some sort of ape.

The most recent sighting occurred at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday at the house of Rick Deckard and his sister, Sue Taylor, on Chapel Hill Road west of the entrance to the Hardin Ridge Recreation Area, south of Lake Monroe in Hoosier National Forest.

Two friends, Dale Moore and Penny Howell, had just driven up when they spotted the animal about 200 feet away at the back of the cleared property.

They described it as standing in a sort of crouch on its rear legs, long front legs hanging down in front of it. They said it was covered in very long, nearly black hair, and guessed its height at around 5 feet and its weight at 200 pounds or more.

They said when the creature saw them, it turned and moved away, down the slope into the woods. Howell said she saw a patch of white fur atop its head and down its neck.

It left tracks in the damp clay - tracks still visible Thursday afternoon.

The tracks were about 4-by-5 inches, with four toe impressions and a heel mark. As it was four-toed rather than five-toed, they ruled out a bear.

The prints were similar to cougar tracks, but for one feature. Many of the toeprints were tipped by deep punctures in the clay, apparently from long claws. In one print, three claws had cut deep incisions 1 1/2 inches long.

DNR wildlife biologist Jim Mitchell said later Thursday that cougars don't leave claw marks when they walk.

While boots wouldn't dent the still-wet clay Thursday, the animal's tracks were pressed a good half-inch or more into it. In some spots they had stripped grass off the clay.

The prints were more than double the size of one left by Deckard's big German shepherd.

Moore and Howell said the dog was in the back yard when they spotted the strange animal Wednesday. The dog was only 30 feet from it, but it wasn't barking. Instead, it was standing stock-still.

"It was twice as big as that dog," Howell recalled Thursday. "I've never seen an animal like that in my life. It scared the cr_p out of me."

Howell was still nervous Thursday afternoon. "It's got me scared," she said. "What if it grabbed a kid and dragged him down into the woods?"

Moore had said by phone Wednesday evening he thought it looked and walked like a bear. But Howell said Thursday its appearance and movements were more "apelike."

At nearby Hardin Ridge Store, employee Christi Kline said the sighting was the third she'd heard of in the past six months to a year, all describing the same animal.

She said a woman had seen it at the Hardin Ridge area entrance and that it didn't seem to show any fear and didn't run away.

Penny Howell

Kline also said that one night a delivery man came in shaking with fear and saying he had just seen "Bigfoot." "We know it's not Bigfoot, but whatever it was, it scared him," she said.

Moore, Howell and Deckard also dismissed any Bigfoot notions, saying it was clearly an animal. "I don't believe in no Bigfoot or nothin'," Moore said Wednesday evening.

Veteran state conservation officer Marlin Dodge said Thursday that a so-called Bigfoot sighting wouldn't be unusual.

"I've had a lot of complaints over the years on a Bigfoot, a lot of 'em in that area," he said.

Dodge and three other DNR officials and wildlife biologists offered no explanation of what folks have seen. But they were not discounting the possibility that some non-native animal is in the area.

At the Paynetown DNR office, Paynetown property manager Bruce Whiting reported black panther sightings, the latest "over around Fairfax."

At the Bloomington Fish and Wildlife Division office, wildlife biologists Mitchell and Gary Langell studied a sketch of the footprint. Given the print and the description of the animal Mitchell got Wednesday from Deckard by phone an hour after the sighting, the two were not ruling out an escaped exotic animal.

Mitchell said he told Deckard that sometimes people see things and "misidentify" what they see - an idea Deckard had related and contemptuously dismissed earlier at his house.

"I'm a bow hunter," said the 49-year-old lifelong resident of the Chapel Hill area. "I know a bear when I see one. I know a panther when I see one. This isn't a bear or a panther.

"We've got a panther back there, too, but this is not a panther. It walks on its rear legs," he said.

Mitchell was more inclined to believe the animal runs on all fours, which was what he said he was first told Wednesday.

But he and Langell said the idea that some exotic animal had escaped its owner was quite possible. And they said an escaped ape of some sort might be the best explanation.

Mitchell referred the case to IU anthropologist Dick Adams, who planned to go to the site today to see the prints. He also agreed an ape was a strong possibility.

"It very well could be; this sounds very much like an orang," he said, referring to an orangutan, the large, shaggy-haired ape that is native to Borneo and Sumatra and that some people keep as an exotic pet.

But the black hair of the Chapel Hill Road animal wouldn't match the reddish-brown hair of an orangutan, he said.

Dodge disputed the ape theory. "This doesn't sound like an ape to me," he said. "The only ape I know of that would weigh 200 pounds is a gorilla."

But he admitted an escaped exotic animal could be running loose.

Last year alone, a species of piranha was caught in Griffy Lake, a 12-foot python that had escaped its Bloomington owner was recovered crawling around Yellowwood State Forest, and a monitor lizard native to the South Pacific was spotted and chased for several hours at Lake Lemon.

"I've taken all kinds of animals out in this county," Dodge said. "I've taken bears, cougars, lions," - all escaped from owners.

"We'll go down there and take a look and see what we come up with," he said. "I don't know what it is

Monday, February 3, 2014

Footprints in the dirt

Early on morning in 1987 an engineer working on a bridge project in Scipio in Franklin county Indiana .
Came in early one morning to check on a grade of dirt that was laid the day before, at which time he noticed large bare footprints in the dirt around 17-18  inches long and a stride which he couldn't match with his own not even jumping to print to print.
He decided to follow the footprints for awhile and finally after losing the tracks returned to the work site.
This engineer stated that before that day he didn't believe any thing like that could exist but now he believes that something large stalks the woods.
During this interview several other people stated that strange things happen in this area.
We were invited to investigate in the area.    

The tavern

 It was around 1950 late June or early July and on the southeast corner of the Jefferson county proving grounds in southern Indiana stood a small roadside tavern were the service men and civilian workers of the government facility would stop after work and unwind.
Late one afternoon a patron of the tavern was turning into the parking area and noticed a large hairy brownish man like creature climb over a ten foot fence with barbwire stretched along the top which is the property boundary.
As the patron stood there he watched the creature go into a blackberry patch behind the tavern and began feeding on the blackberry's.
The patron not understanding what he had just seen ran into the tavern and reported what he saw outside at which time several other patrons step outside to see a sight they just couldn't believe they stood and watched the creature for a few moments at which time the creature looked up and stood turned and look directly at the patrons of the tavern let out a loud screamed and bound back over the fence and disappeared into the woods of the proving grounds.
Now this took place along time ago but the story you have just read came from some of the patrons that was there that day.
They never reported it due to the fact as one stated Would you believe someone that had been sitting in a tavern. and probably I would have my doubts if it was only one witness but 3 men who was there and family members stating what was told to them by there family members of what took place that day.
The old tavern is long gone now but the proving grounds is still there.
Still to this day reports of vocalizations and sightings trickle out of the area.