Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wood knocks heard.

On Friday 24 2014 I received a Email from an area resident this what she had to report
9:21 am
I was outside this morning about 5:30 and checking on my little dog. Brian said she was barking a lot ..probably at him at the car. BUT just in case, I went out after he left and I heard a wood knock just like those on the Finding Bigfoot show....I thought it might be wood popping because of the cold, but it sounded just like solid wood on solid wood. Just one kn...ock. It's close to Eagle Creek

5:35 pm
The knock didn't sound too far away. It was toward the hills, not the creek. No strange smells. I looked for prints in the snow in my yard, but there weren't any. It just was so clear. Like a ball bat against a tree or another bat. Solid sounding. Only ONE, that I heard. I had come out to see about my dog. Maybe 500 to 800 feet away. This is in the edge of Carroll County where it joins Gallatin.

Due to the dangerous weather conditions all on site investigations are on hold.
we will follow up on report as soon as weather permits
But we will still conduct interviews.
Thomas Shay