Friday, January 10, 2014

The Marble Hill Monster

In southern Indiana in the southwestern part of Jefferson County on the outskirts of the small town of Handover is a place called Marble Hill the site of the failed nuclear power plant back in the seventy's the area was plagued with a rash of sightings and encounters some frightening people being ran out of the woods homeowners being harassed in there homes and parked couples in cars attacked .by a large hairy bipedal monster as descried by the witnesses at the time this lasted off and on for about four years and then the sightings and encounters stopped and the Marble Hill Monster was soon forgotten until the spring of 2012 when a young man was mushroom hunting in the Marble Hill area when he caught sight of a large bulky hairy creature standing in the wooded area in which he was in. not more then seventy five yards away at which time it screamed at him.
At this time the young man was so frighten he began to run from the creature while running he noticed that it was chasing him and after exiting the wooded area and reaching his vehicle and making his escape peered in the rear view mirror and seen what appeared to be a eight foot hairy man like creature.
June 2013 two fishermen while bass fishing in the Ohio river below Marble Hill observed a seven to eight foot hairy bipedal creature on the river bank .
September 2013 witness has sighting on Marble Hill road.
October 2013 hunter sight large hairy creature
December 2013 vocalizations heard in the marble hill area.
These reports came first hand from the witnesses  who meet with us at the show.
Marble Hill is just across the river from Trimble county KY. A investigation is warranted in the Marble Hill area.