Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wood knocks heard.

On Friday 24 2014 I received a Email from an area resident this what she had to report
9:21 am
I was outside this morning about 5:30 and checking on my little dog. Brian said she was barking a lot ..probably at him at the car. BUT just in case, I went out after he left and I heard a wood knock just like those on the Finding Bigfoot show....I thought it might be wood popping because of the cold, but it sounded just like solid wood on solid wood. Just one kn...ock. It's close to Eagle Creek

5:35 pm
The knock didn't sound too far away. It was toward the hills, not the creek. No strange smells. I looked for prints in the snow in my yard, but there weren't any. It just was so clear. Like a ball bat against a tree or another bat. Solid sounding. Only ONE, that I heard. I had come out to see about my dog. Maybe 500 to 800 feet away. This is in the edge of Carroll County where it joins Gallatin.

Due to the dangerous weather conditions all on site investigations are on hold.
we will follow up on report as soon as weather permits
But we will still conduct interviews.
Thomas Shay    

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

NEW SIGHTING! Martinsville Indiana 01-16-2014

Martinsville Indiana 01-16-2014
Just finished taking a report from a gentleman  who wishes to stay anonymous (name and address on file)
report as follows ...
On January 16 2014 after a day of squirrel hunting along the west bank of the white river across from the power plant. It was getting late in the afternoon and I was exiting the woods when I noticed this large shaggy hairy thing that was squatting near the river bank.
At first I thought it was a bear but as I stood there and watched this thing it suddenly stood up and looked right at me for a few seconds which seemed like an eternity.
it made a " humph" sound and turn and disappeared down the river bank.

Tom;  can you describe what you saw in detail.
Witness:  Yes I can, It had dirty brownish red hair which looked as it was matted and littered with debris. It stood between 7-8 foot tall and had a build of a professional body builder except it arms was longer then ours. It also appeared to have a slouch as it stood up.  

Tom;  When it moved off did it run?

Witness;  No! It moved off down river as if it wasn't worried about me.

Tom;  What do you believe you encountered?

Witness;  I don't know what I saw. I'm still having a hard time understanding it. 

Tom;  Do you think it may have been a Bigfoot?

Witness; Before this happen if someone would tell me the same story I would laugh and tell them they were nuts. Yes I believe it was a Bigfoot!

Tom;  Have you gone back to the area to check for prints ?

Witness;   "NO" 

Tom;   Why?

Witness;    If this was a Bigfoot then its way bigger then me. and I have know idea what I'm dealing with.

At the witness request he stop the interview.
The witness talked with me off the recorded a little more about his encounter. The witness agreed to take me to the site.
I know the area were tis encounter took place in the late ninety's I conducted two investigation's in Monrovia Indiana.
I believe the witness did encounter something on the river bank he can not explain and Morgan Monroe forest is close by with several sightings and encounters in the area.
An investigation should be conducted in the area soon as the weather breaks.

Thomas Shay.

Monday, January 20, 2014


Tom Shay and Rodney Adams of the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group leave no stone unturned and take their research very seriously. Thanks for letting me tag along! - Charlie Raymond
Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization's photo.Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization's photo.

investigation 1-19-2014

Investigation 1-19-2014
As you all know Charlie Raymond of the K.B.R.O. joined us for a day of investigating some areas of interest . at one point Charlie made a comment about a picture he had taken of me. He was only 40 to 50 feet away and had a hard time finding me and I was in plain view standing still.
This brings out the one big question we are always having to explain to hunters and the public.
Because they always tell us I've hunted these woods for years and never saw ...any thing.
Now look at the picture how hard is it to see me, remember I'm only 40 to 50 feet away from Charlie. The reason is we blend into our surroundings ! and if you are not really looking you can walk by and never see anything.
So the next time you are out in the woods stop and scan the area over real good cause you never know what's 40 feet in front of you or beside you.


Friday, January 10, 2014

The Marble Hill Monster

In southern Indiana in the southwestern part of Jefferson County on the outskirts of the small town of Handover is a place called Marble Hill the site of the failed nuclear power plant back in the seventy's the area was plagued with a rash of sightings and encounters some frightening people being ran out of the woods homeowners being harassed in there homes and parked couples in cars attacked .by a large hairy bipedal monster as descried by the witnesses at the time this lasted off and on for about four years and then the sightings and encounters stopped and the Marble Hill Monster was soon forgotten until the spring of 2012 when a young man was mushroom hunting in the Marble Hill area when he caught sight of a large bulky hairy creature standing in the wooded area in which he was in. not more then seventy five yards away at which time it screamed at him.
At this time the young man was so frighten he began to run from the creature while running he noticed that it was chasing him and after exiting the wooded area and reaching his vehicle and making his escape peered in the rear view mirror and seen what appeared to be a eight foot hairy man like creature.
June 2013 two fishermen while bass fishing in the Ohio river below Marble Hill observed a seven to eight foot hairy bipedal creature on the river bank .
September 2013 witness has sighting on Marble Hill road.
October 2013 hunter sight large hairy creature
December 2013 vocalizations heard in the marble hill area.
These reports came first hand from the witnesses  who meet with us at the show.
Marble Hill is just across the river from Trimble county KY. A investigation is warranted in the Marble Hill area.