Friday, December 13, 2013

Trimble County resident has several incidents over the years.

From time to time I have witnesses who contact me and tell me what has happen to them over the years. This one witness wishes to stay anonymous and the area of incidents not to be disclosed. and I can respect that due to the fact that there are still A lot of people that love to ridicule and humiliated someone who has had a incident with a unknown large hairy biped. or having all kinds of people running all over your property with out permission tearing down fences and leaving trash and destroying natures wonders.
Yesterday 12/12/2013  I met with a witness and she told me her story of what she had encountered and observed over the last 24 years here in Trimble county KY.
She stated out that four years ago in northern Trimble county KY as she was sitting on her front porch one evening and noticed a set of eyes watching her from the darkness she described that the eyes were wide apart and really high off the ground she was unsure of the distance but she stated that it was on the other side of the pond. Now I know of the house and area in which she talks of and were she was sitting and were the eyes were was about hundred and twenty five feet . she stated that it was watching her and as she moved around it followed . she then stated that she went inside the house to get a pair of binoculars and when she returned it was still there and as she look thru the binoculars she couldn't make what it was as it was dark. she continued to watch the eyes until it slowly turned and walk away. and couple of weeks later I was on my front porch and heard this scream and I immediately went into the house cause what ever it was it was on the side of the house twenty feet from me. One evening couple of years ago while she was walking her dogs in south eastern Trimble county KY. She heard another scream and her dog went crazy! It was almost dark on a little creek ,and almost foggy ..and I've never heard or seen my dogs do like they did! They howled/barked all mixed up and insane! And another time about a mile away I was fishing on a neighbors farm alone .It was really seclude location I heard that same scream, like a woman, with this scream she  observed A whole herd of Holstein cows stampeded! and the scream from the woods, near the pond. Now back years when I was a young adult myself and a friend were fishing on a creek near our home. I left my friend and started down the creek to find another pool and as I was walking down the creek, on the hillside beside me I could hear something very large following me because when I stopped walking it would stop I could hear it but couldn't see it .
THAT was really scary!
I talked with the witness in person and found her to be sincere and honest when telling me her story.