Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Squatchers

Last night October 12 2013. I was invited to join a investigation with a group called the Squatchers .
Now this group will not leave one stone or leaf  unturned . As I tagged alone with the group I noticed the professionalism and dedication in there research and investigations of what they are doing.
As a researcher myself  I felt it a privilege to work with this group of Researchers.
During the investigation we encountered several vocals and movement parallel of our position.
as the afternoon passed we came along a set of prints that appeared to be of a juvenile.
As being a quest I asked if  it would be ok if I take a few pictures of the prints and I was told why yes by all means that's what we do is share our evidence with other researchers. Now with the end of the investigation the group stop and gave there full report to there client.
I would like to thank the Squatchers for having me along and I and would be honored to have the Squatchers research and investigate with me any time and recommend  them to anyone.
So check them out on Facebook
here are some photos of the investigation.
 Thomas Shay