Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rodney Adams Investigation 10/28/2013

I was just finishing the filming with Thomas Shay when I get a text from my daughter. "Dad call me ASAP I have a bigfoot report!! I get home and she tells me about her sighting. She had walked across the street from our house into the woods, to check on the can of Vienna Sausages we had baited the woods with. There has been activity in this little slice of woods since we moved in back in July. As soon as she got into the treeline and saw the can, she walked over to check on it, but it had not been touched. When she did, something took off running on 2 legs, she said she heard 3 or 4 big booming steps, so big they shook the ground. She was so scared she didn't look back to see it, she didn't want to. When I got home we searched the woods and found a really good print and a couple of not so good prints. We also found a tree structure where something had piled up logs against the fence.

Rodney Adams