Thursday, October 24, 2013

Possible Sasquatch encounter!

On Tuesday 22,2013 at 8:30 pm myself and Rodney Adams set out to undisclosed area which is a hot bed of Bigfoot activity to get some vocalizations recorded.
So we arrived and set out not knowing what the night had plan for us.
You see earlier that day I had just casted two prints right were we were standing and what ever made the prints is long gone but like I said the area is very active.
So we started out by doing some vocals and  listen for a response and nothing so we did a couple of more.
Now we could here movement in the distance and it was heading toward us. As we stood there listening to what ever it was, it sounded large and heavy as it plowed threw the woods.
We stood there not moving by this time it was around 50 foot from us as it kept moving towards us I flashed the flashlight in the direction of the movement for a short time in the trees we could see something but couldn't make it out and at that moment it made a charge at us and stopped and began making this clicking chattering sound at us.
At this time my primal instinct of self preservation kicked in and I drew my handgun and prepared for the onslaught not wanting a confrontation with what ever was in the dark I yelled at it as loud as I could at which time it stopped its approached and reentered the woods and started circling around to avoided us.
At this time I received a emergency phone call and we had to leave the area.
I'm posting a recording of what we encountered now I will warn you there is some explicit language that might offend some you but understand I was upset due to the fact that I left my flir and night vision equipment in my vehicle and mad as you know what that something I couldn't see was stalking us.

Also there will be a clip of a
Male proboscis monkey alarm calling
play this clip