Sunday, October 13, 2013

(NEW ) Night sighting on Milton Bedford Pike, Trimble county KY.

Date of sighting - October 1 2013
Time - 9:00 PM
Closest City - Bedford KY.
Nearest Road - US 421 and Milton Bedford Pike
Witness's - Travis ( last name on file)

This afternoon I was invited to Travis's home were as he started by telling me of encounter on Oct 1 at around 9:00 pm
Travis stated that he was on his way home from work and turn down Milton Bedford Pike. and right after the last house before the S curves  There at the gap he stated that something darted across the road so he slowed down and stopped at the spot were he had seen something cross the road think this to be a horse or cow and looked into the direction it went and at that time it had already crossed over the electric fence. At that time Travis stated that he saw a large dark figure standing next to the post. Travis also stated that he rolled down his window to get a better look at what he saw.
Travis describes what he saw in his own words.
I rolled the passenger side window down to get a better look at what I saw and about 15 feet from my car window I saw this black hairy thing that was standing next to the pole with what light that the headlights provided you could tell it was hairy kind of stringy. Now I'm six foot and this thing was  twice as tall as I am and twice as wide in the chest and shoulders as I'm am. then all of a sudden this thing turns around and looks at me I really cant tell anything about the features but the face was lighter then rest of the body. At this time it turned and moved very quickly into the darkness   I was so close I could here the sound of its footsteps and decided I was to close and left.
Travis as he told me his encounter seemed very sincere and believes in what he saw ,
Follow up.
This area has had numerous sights in recent years and this spring when myself and my wife after returning form a shopping trip in Madison Indiana to take the back way home it was around 10:00 pm
when my wife asked did you see that and I did also see a large form cross the road .
This sighting took place only 0.5 miles from my front porch .

The gap were in was standing
Milton Bedford pike