Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Report. The Bates Lane incident!

New Report.

Date- September 29,2013
Time-8:00 pm
Closest City- Jericho, KY
Nearest Road- Bates lane
Witness's-Two young ladies who expressed
they did not want to be identified in report.
(Names of file)
(In this report the names will be substituted as driver and passenger)

Report as follows.
On September 30,2013 I was awaken at around 4:30 am. By the sound of the phone ringing, thinking this might be some kind of a emergency call. I answered and was greeted by are you the guy that writes about Bigfoot.   I answered yes. and at that time I was bombarded by being given information on what happen and what they saw. I immediately stop the conversation and ask can we meet in person and the voice on the phone replied yes. and it was agreed that we meet at the truck stop at 2:15 pm in Pendleton KY.
After arriving and meeting the two young ladies we sat down and the driver began .
On Sunday the 29 2013 the driver and a friend of hers where out that afternoon cruising the back roads and between 7:30pm - 8:00 pm had just turned down Bates lane and soon came to a small lane bridge crossing the lower end of lake Jericho after crossing they decided to turn around and head back out the way they came. Now the driver stated that when they came to the one lane bridge they slowed down to get a look at the lake but it was getting dark and decided to go on. The driver then stated the head lights were on and as she looked out in front of her vehicle she stop the car. At first she thought someone walked out into the road she noticed that what ever step out on the road was covered in hair and extremely large standing on two legs. I asked the driver did she see the face ,color of the hair. The driver stated that it appeared brown shaggy she stated she seen what may be leaves that's about all she could make out from the headlights and as for the face she couldn't be positive as she stated how scared she was.
Now I interviewed the passenger it was as the driver stated they were cruising the back roads and turned down this road to check it out seen the lake as we passed over the bridge and decided to turn around and check the lake out. and as they crossed the bridge she stated that the driver slowed down and all of sudden came to a complete stop and as she turned around to see what was wrong.  She stated right in front of the car walked this huge thing crossing the road in front of them She stated that she screamed and it ran down the embankment .At this time I asked her to describe what it look like.
The young lady stated it was big and dirty looking brown hair like when someone with unkept hair it walked on two legs kinda slumped over
She stated that at this time her friend the driver took off at a high rate of speed.
Now I asked the two if they could take me to the location and at first they were a little hesitant but then agreed as we arrived at the site I exit my vehicle and walked over to theres and asked them to show me exactly  were the creature entered upon the road and to place there vehicle close to the same spot as Sunday night.the driver stepped out of her vehicle and pointed to the area were she believed it came up the embankment.then we did a recreation of standing in front of the vehicle to determine the size of the creature. We came up with close to seven foot.
Now I had my doubts about this sighting until the driver was stand next to her vehicle and you could see the fear. as she kept looking into the wooded areas on both sides of the road and the passenger would not get out of the car.the driver then stated she no longer wanted to be here and had tears in her eyes and shaking at this time I told both of them to go home and if I have any more questions  I would give them  a call.I believe that these two young ladies did in fact see something on that Sunday evening. the follow up report will verify that.

Follow up report.
After the young ladies left I knew I was going to need help I called my friend and fellow researcher Rodney Adams to see if he was available for a investigation he was all up for it. We arrived around 5:30 that same afternoon and immediately started looking for prints and after 20 minutes we found were the thing had come up one side of the embankment and down the other side and took photos.
Out of curiosity Rodney went down the south side of the embankment and found more prints and several tree structures.At which time while I was standing on the embankment and Rodney in the underbrush something stood up not more than 30 feet from Rodney and ran off into the marsh and as a season hunter I no the difference in four foot falls and two foot falls this differently ran on two legs not four.at this time we made our way back to the bridge to see if we could see anything on the edge of the marsh moving. But to our surprise we saw the top of a tree being shaken vigorously from side to side then it stopped. We stayed on the bridge and kept watch on the marsh area ten minuites later there was this sound of a tree being snapped and falling to the ground now there was no wind that day.Then came the long  moan-howl and every dog horse chicken and rosters in that area went crazy then we got the scent of foul odor like a real bad trash can.Then we seen another tree being shaken this time not more than a two hundred yards We waited till dark and listen to the long moan--howl several times before it dissappeared back in the marsh. Now both of us witness these incidents and plan on going back for a complete day and night investigation

Thomas Shay
sight of crossing

print on enbankment 17 in

area of tree shaking and howls