Sunday, October 27, 2013

Man tells of what he heard in 2008 one morning in Trimble County KY.

Thursday October 24 2013 I was purchasing tires for my truck at the Cross County Tires  here in Trimble county KY.
When the owner Butch Emmitt approached me and asked if I was the bigfoot researcher and I replied yes! and Mr. Emmitt began tell me of what happen to him in 2008 early on morning at his residence on KY 1492 in northern Trimble county a area of rolling hills and dense woods.
as Mr. Emmitt continued  He stated that early that morning as always he would let his dogs out in the back yard but this morning the dogs did something odd they stopped at the back door and just stared  out into the darkness. at this time Mr. Emmitt stated that there was this low gut wrenching growl that he estimates was around 500 yards away. he also stated that he noticed that it was almost dawn while looking in the direction of the growl the by silhouette of the tree on the next hill . Mr. Emmitt stated at the time of growl his dogs ran back into the house and cower.

Vocalizations are numerous in this area over the years and  Mr. Emmitt is a respected business owner. and five years ago he did here something.