Thursday, October 31, 2013

Investigation I had doubts with.The truth comes out

Over the years I have investigated many reports and interviewed many people and I can tell when thing just don't add up.
When this happens I will not post or reveal any thing about the incident but I will document and note it as suspicious in my files just by the off chance I might be wrong.
Yesterday morning I was contacted by a gentleman who had come across some strange tracks in a muddy field. I went and investigated and at first sight things didn't add up for one the tracks crossed the corner of the field and had the characteristics of a human track way were as someone had run thru the muddy field . The size and shape were all wrong no detail to the tracks at all....
So I noted every thing and filed it under inconclusive evidence .
Latter that evening a friend stop by and informed me that the tracks you went to see they are bogus.
Now I contacted the gentleman and explained that I have information that the tracks were a hoax. Then the open up and told the truth stating that he new they are doing some filming in the area and maybe he could get on TV.
I informed him that he made a fool out himself and that the report was file and was not going to get any attention due to the fact I believed it to be false and that anything else that came up would not be believable.
Now a word of warning if you do have a sighting or encounter report to me or Charlie Raymond of the KBRO, Don Neal, Parker Duvall just some of the best researchers in Kentucky just be honest and truthful your fame will come when they post you name and incident on their website. But remember we been at this for a long time .So don't ruin your credibility for thinking you are getting 5 minutes of TV time for a deception. Be true to yourself and honest and one day you may see your name on one of our websites with your story and remember people from all over the world read these reports. Take care be safe