Thursday, September 19, 2013

Trimble county ky Investigation 9/18/2012

yesterday September 18 2013 I investigated area were on the 4 September 2013 myself and a friend began investigating and the only thing that happen was we say a dark figure that kept peeking around some vegetation upon reaching the site we found that the vegetation was disturbed and the grass laid down. at which time I couldn't rule out a deer or a hunter scouting out the area for hunting season. but the owner of the land allows no hunting on the land due to the fact that there is a wildlife refuge on it. That night we got some strange vocalizations. Now I return yesterday the 18 of September  upon entering the site I came upon a structure baring my way in that wasn't     Inline image 1there on the 4th.Futher in I came upon some prints measuring 17 1/2 inches with a stride of 50 inches then the trail appears to break off in a run. I took photos measurements and  GPS  coordinates and found some other strange items in the area. here is what I found This in Trimble county   KY.   hope you find these interesting I have a interview to day with a gentleman on a sighting which I will shall with you. 
Inline image 7
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