Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thoughts from a Skeptic

From time to time, people have asked me what my wife thinks about my bigfoot research. I decided to let her tell you in her own words. Keep in mind, my wife is a skeptic. She has a degree in psychology and is secure in her belief that the mind can see all kinds of things that aren't actually there. I was surprised when she told me exactly how she feels, and I wanted to share it. Also, I have asked her to read the blogs and research that is out there, and, from time to time, write her thoughts on the subject here on this blog. I fully believe that the believers, knowers, and skeptics are all intertwined in the pursuit of the legendary beast. Please keep all rude and derogatory remarks to yourself. I hope you will all respect her opinion as she respects yours.

Thoughts from a Skeptic

by: Crystal Shay

     I would like to begin by saying I am a skeptic where bigfoot is concerned. I have never seen nor heard anything that makes me believe that bigfoot exists--aside from being married to one of the most adamant believers or "knowers" that exits. That being said, I would like to add that I would love nothing more than to be proven wrong. I think it would be amazing and somewhat gratifying to know that we humans don't know as much as we think we do. We thought the earth was the center of the universe--we were wrong. We thought the earth was flat--we were wrong. We thought the giant squid was a myth, and--wait for it--we were wrong. I am one of those people who love to see others--staunch advocates who are ridiculed and to some extent even persecuted--stick it to "the man" and prove them wrong...even if I am part of the proverbial man.
     I follow my husbands research. I am the first person to see his pictures, view his castings or prints, and hear the sounds of howling and knocking he records at night. I support him fully in what he does. I make sure he has everything he needs including time away from home to do this thing he loves. I sit in front of the TV at night wishing for some comedy or drama, but instead, sit dutifully by his side and watch reality shows on Animal Planet, Syfy, Destination America, etc. about all things cryptozooligical.
     But I do not believe. Perhaps it is the kind of person I am. I cannot accept things on faith alone. Seeing is believing for me, and, even then, I still may not believe. I consider this a character flaw on my part, but not one I can overcome it seems.
     So, I guess, I am trying to illustrate that not all skeptics are the same. No, I do not believe that bigfoot is out there. At least, I don't believe it yet. However, I do not consider any of the believers to be kooky or crazy. I don't believe that believers were smoking anything when you saw something. I believe you saw something. I simply am not prepared to identify that something without first hand experience.
     So, I say this to you bigfooters or squatchers.  I urge you to keep looking, researching, and fighting the good fight. I look forward to all of you proving me and others like me wrong. You can also have a laugh at my expense. I won't mind. This is a world filled with wonder, and I would no longer enjoy it if we already had discovered all there is to discover. There is still more out there and I champion those like my husband and other researchers who are out there in the woods trying to discover something new. I look forward to seeing your evidence as you all progress forward. Until next time....

Mrs. Shay