Thursday, September 12, 2013

Nubbin Ridge Road Sighting { 2008 }

September, 17, 2008. Trimble County KY.
Closest City- Bedford/Milton
Time - ?
Roads - Nubbin Ridge Road
Witness - Vicky  [ last name on file ]

Report as follows
I Recently spoke with Vicky in person and on site of the sighting.
Vicky explained to me her sighting.
Vicky stated that at the time she was in the kitchen washing some dishes and looked  up and glanced out the kitchen widow above her sink. She saw a large hairy thing walking up right crossing what used to be a hog lot. which is about 200 yards from her home and now is a field against the wood line. Vicky stated that it was only several seconds before disappearing into the woods.
Vicky also stated that she remembered the things walk. At which time she recreated the walk .The walk Vicky created was of it being slightly crouch over long swaying of the arms and the long strides of the legs. It come to my conclusion that Vicky did indeed have a sighting. She is also 
respected  in the community
the white area is were it crossed.
   Investigator T Shay