Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Report September 21 2013.

Date-September 21 2013
Time-9:30-10:30 pm
Closest City- Milton
Witness- Dale (Last name on file)

Report as follows.
On September 21 2013 at  10:00 am I was contacted by Dale.
Dale informed me that on September 21 2013 he was checking on property that has been vacant. Recently the home on the property has been broken into numerous times this year.
Dale stated that the house has never been vandalized or torn up just the doors were forced as if shoved in and at these time a foul odor was present.
Now Dale stated between 9:30 pm and 10:30 pm on the above date. He was at the property cleaning and securing the doors when there was this load roar or yell.
Dale stated that he step outside and looked around and stated that it yelled again. 
Dale also stated he could he it going through the brush and woods. "You could here the snapping of tree limbs as it moved off."

Follow up on report
September 23/24 2013.

On Monday afternoon September 23 2013 Myself and a friend set up at the location to begin a night investigation
 At around 11:00 pm we got two vocals which appeared to be yells. We continued until 1:30 am and had no other incidents. after returning home I checked for the vocals on line and found it .
The vocals sound like that of The Kentucky Vocalizations from  Allen County KY   04/10/10. These vocalizations are on the KBRO website under audio.
Tuesday 24 2013. We arrived back at the area to do a sweep to find any evidence.  This is what we found
1.This piece of wood balanced on a trunk of a small tree. 


2.Which appeared to be struck a couple of times. 

3.A couple of tracks  18 in