Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Little Girl

Yesterday I talked with Doris.  Now Doris is an elderly lady who had an encounter a couple of years ago right here in Trimble county which still haunts her to this day.
As we sat and talked Doris stated that she believed she had a earlier incident with the creature.
I ask if she would like to talk about the incident and she agreed.
Doris stated that it was when she was around 16 years old in the early 50s. Doris lived on what's now called  Garratt. Rd, on the family farm. She stated that there was no homes on that road like there is now and it was all dense woods and  mushroom hunting was the best in that area.
As she continued to tell her story she stated that it was in the spring and she was babysitting a friends 4 year old girl. Doris decided  that her and the little girl was going  mushroom hunting she stated that she had the family car and they drove to the area on the farm  after arriving at the area they entered on foot  and found the mushrooms and started picking them while the little girl played at her side. Doris stated. about 20 minutes later the little girl tugged at Doris dress. Doris ask the little girl what was wrong the little girl stated to Doris " I see a man "! Doris then straighten up and asked the little girl where and the little girl pointed to were she had seen the man and the little girl continued" a big man". Doris stated to me that see did not see anything but it scared her enough that she pick the little girl up and ran back to the car and went back to the house and stayed there until everyone returned home that evening and didn't speak of it until now. then she turned to me and asked do you thank the man in the woods was a Bigfoot?
This was the question she asked me and I didn't have a answer. The little girl grew up and moved away  the area has had homes built on it.
We will truly never know what the little girl saw. But deep down inside Doris believes the little girl did. and maybe she did but I don't have all the answers and probably never will. This is one I will leave to you the readers to decide.