Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sighting on US 42 and Morton Ridge Road Trimble county, KY. 8/8/13

August 8, 2013. Trimble County. KY
Closest city? Bedford / Sligo.
Time ?  8:30 pm- 9:00 pm
Roads? US 42 and Morton Ridge Road
 Witnesses?  Miranda Adams.
On August 9 2013 at approximately 9:05 am fellow researcher Rodney Adams and stated to me that his wife had a sighting the night before. Now Mr. Adams had confided to me that his wife was on the bench on the existence of a hairy bipedal creature roaming around in the woods. I asked Mr. Adams if she would be willing to talk with me about the incident and Mr. Adams stated that she would. We agreed to meet at his home 5:00 pm. After arriving at the Adams home Mr. Adams introduced me to his wife.

Report as follows.
Mrs.  Adams stated that while sitting on her front porch see notice something on the other side of  US 42 step out of the wood line which was large and dark. Mrs. Adams stated that it appeared to look around for a few moments and slowly turn and disappear back into the woods. Now Mrs. Adams stated she laugh to her self and asked her self what the h**l did I just see? A Bigfoot? at this time Mrs. Adams phone her husband and told him that she had just saw a Bigfoot.

 Myself and Mr. Adams with tape measure and yard stick in hand was directed to the area by Mrs. Adams to the spot it stood. in the spot were we stood it was apparent that the only thing that could be seen of us was our heads and shoulders due to the wheat field in front of us and how the land sloped down. we took the  yard stick with a blue paper attached to it and asked Mrs. Adams from her porch to stop us when we got the height of the creature and this she did then we measured the height with the tape measure and it came out as 7 foot 2 inches. we looked for tracks and any other evidence the grass being to high and the ground was hard. after returning to Mrs. Adams on the porch I asked what about the chest how big was it compared to her husband and after the measurements was in the 3 foot range no neck. the area was  approximately 200 pulse yards from the front porch.
 Mrs. Adams is truly adamant in what she saw and I believe that she did have a true sighting .

In the last seven months there have been numerous reports of  vocalizations, odd and offensive odors and sightings of a large figure crossing the roads. my self and fellow researcher Rodney Adams have been conducting research in the area. we have found what appear to be nesting sites and tree one time while in the field we did a series of whoops and had some response of whoops and tree knocks . also we have collected several castings in the area .