Thursday, August 1, 2013

July 29 2013

Yesterday July 29 2013 I just finished talking with a fellow researcher about a certain print that was found [that is another post coming soon]
Recently I was asked if I been to a certain location here in Trimble county and I replied no!
So I decided to check the area out just for curiosity. So I packed the gear and headed off into the unknown. Once I arrived at my destination into the woods I went let me tell you some thing about this place it was totally dead silent nothing but silence. So I continued down this old logging road .This is some beautiful  country back in here then I came across a trail of snapped and twisted trees an old trail so I decided to follow it. After an hour of hopping ridge to ridge I sat down to rest and eat. During this time I heard what appeared to be a trig snap in back of me and as I trued around I caught some thing dash into the woods about a hundred yards away. Well I finished eating and picked up my trash and started down to where this shape dashed into the woods. Me thinking a big buck came up over the ridge and heard me and turned tail and run off. Well when I got to the site I was totally in shock there was two 16 inch tracks  one in the road the other on the edge.
I stated taking photos of the tracks and measurements and all of a sudden  an object whizzed by I immediately looked in the direction it came from and saw nothing. Now I began unpacking my plaster for casting and extra water bottles and began mixing. As I began to pour the plaster into the track I was smacked with a walnut not real hard just enough to get my attention and let me tell you what it had it.  After set the cast I became more aware of my surroundings.

Watching the wood line for any kind of movement or sounds but this area of the woods was still silent. Ten minutes went by and there was no more interaction with what was throwing the walnuts and I began checking the surrounding brush for hair samples. and at that time there was this low grunt and this thing went thru the brush and trees breaking and snapping until it reached the bottom of the ravine were there was a creek bed and then you could here it crossing the creek rocks. By this time my hair was standing on end and it seemed like a good time to pack up and head out. And 20 minutes into my hike out the birds was singing sounds from the tree frogs. I still kept vigilant on my way to the car expecting some to come out of the brush and open a can of whoop butt on me.
Now after getting home it took my a couple of days to comprehend what had just happen. and some of you will not believe this actually happen but it did.