Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mother in law tells of incident!

As its know my In laws live in Eastern Ky. Pike county to be exact.
Eastern KY is kind of a strange area where the people are proud and self reliant and when it comes to the subject of a large hairy bipedal creature wandering the foot hills of Eastern KY. It seems that everyone becomes tight lipped and they change the subject but not all.
 Some have come forward and reported sightings and encounters . But with one condition not to names known.  Just recently my Mother in law told me of a incident that happen back in June.
AS it go's for several mornings between 6:30 am 8:00 am  being the coolest part of the day would work in her garden weeding planting and such.
One morning as she was working in her garden she heard something moving in woods behind her see looked and saw nothing several minutes later see heard it again after looking in the direction of the noise and still didn't see any thing and finished up in the garden.
The next morning while in the garden the incident happen again after searching the wood line with her eyes and saw nothing and she continued working in her garden and she heard the foot falls of some thing large going thru the brush this time she noticed that it sounded like a man walking on two legs not four. Now she could here the heavy breathing and low grunt or growl. she stated that her small cocker spaniel dog was whimpering and tail tucked between its hind legs at that moment she describes what I call a bluff charge as it appeared to rush from the brush and stop. That's when she stated that she ran back to the house beating the dog to the door.
She then looked back and saw and heard something large returning up the hill .My mother in law has had run ins with bears and she doesn't believe in Bigfoot.
She stated that it was know bear. She doesn't go to the garden alone any more.

Now what ever it was the area is full of documented sightings one recently I investigated in June and July .